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Premium Subscription's Benefits

Win Upto $1,000 Every Month & More

Stay active on website, Level up and user with top contest level at the end of every month can win upto $1,000. User with second highest contest level will win $100 Amazon Gift Card and user with third highest contest level will win $50 Amazon Gift Card.


Stay Generous

We believe in giving to those in need. Upon every 1000 registation Overallsite.com will donate $200 to a charity.



Get access to fanpages of celebrities, movies, tv series, books, video games and famous characters. Every user is admin of fanpages. Update relative and quality content and every follower of a particular updated fanpage will see the updates.


User base

Upon registration you get your own base from where you can update status, images and videos. Premium users can also update fanpages right from their base.



This will make your stay on Overallsite.com even more exciting. On signup every user profile will have it's individual basic level. Level will increase as user will do certain activities on website, like updating status, images and videos on base and fanpages. Commenting on any status, following any fanpage, inviting basic or premium users will also increase your profile’s level.


Monthly Contest

This is very exciting contest ever available online, just for premium users. Every premium user will have two types of levels, basic and contest. Contest level will start at the first date of every month and end at the last date of every month. User with top contest level can win upto $1,000 every month. User at top second position in contest level will get $100 Amazon gift card and user at third position in contest level will get $50 Amazin gift card.


No Advertisement

100% advertisement free browsing for premium subscribers


Invite People and Make Money

Invite people as premium subscribers and earn money. Get $1 per premium invited subscriber. You can invite unlimited subscribers. You also get commission when the invited users renews their accounts. This way you can generate sustainable income. You can invite users via a unique link, facebook, gmail and yahoo.


Stealth Mode Advantage

Post status, images and videos on base and fanpages, turn on stealth mode, attack other users’s updates to boost your level. This Ninja Buddy will help you in boosting your level.



Easiest Way to Receive The Payments

Receive prize money via Paypal the most trusted payment gateway in the world.
Or Via direct wire transfer..


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Premium Subscription Pricing

One Month Three Months One Year
$3 $9

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