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‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Star Jessica Chastain was Interested in an Amazing Woman’s Character

by ,  December 28, 2012 | 1983 Views

Some actors act in movies because it’s what they like to do, make them separate from the people who come in cinema industry to gain fame.  If you are going to dive in any industry, you should have great purpose, goal in mind or extreme likability. Suppose if you want to become an actor, there should be a logical reason behind that wish. Logical reason can be your extreme attraction towards this profession, hobby to interact with various people; you should like playing different characters from the deep insight of your heart. You should love yourself while watching yourself on screen, doesn’t matter whether it’s a 3 inch screen of your mobile phone or big cinema screen. There should be no difference. When a person follows the career path of his/her choice, their performance gets better with each performance.

Jessica Chastain the lead actress of most-anticipated movie of 2012 explains her way of thinking about the character Maya she played in movie. While talking to Celebuzz she explained the following things, you can read followed by a video interview and some images of the actress.

“I’m not interested in the movie that becomes like an issue about women in the CIA.” “I’m interested in the film that shows an amazing woman doing an amazing job that doesn’t remind me every five seconds, ‘BUT she’s a woman’.”

“I have to be able to answer any questions anyone could possibly have,” she said. “I knew what Maya’s favorite American candy was. I had to define all of that for the character.”

“I’m not playing ‘Jessica Chastain as a CIA agent’,” she said. “It was a very different role; I’m a much more emotional person, and this character was trained to be unemotional, and analytically precise.”

“And when doing something like that, I had to find the humanity, and her journey within those boundaries.”

Jessica Chastain Images

Jessica Chastain - Opening Ceremony & ''Moonrise Kingdom'' Premiere, May 1605 jessica-chastain Jessica-Chastain-Omar-Sy-Bruce-Weber-Vogue-Germany-January-2013-11-614x800 jessica-chastain-premiere-madagascar-3-europe-s-most-wanted-02

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