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Chloe Moretz For A Photo-Shoot in California

by ,  May 07, 2013 | 963 Views

The Kick-Ass 2 actress, Chloe Moretz recently did a photo-shoot in San Fernando Valley, California on May 5, 2013.  The pretty lass tried various colorful ensembles and spread her charm before the camera. While she was shooting, paparazzi and her die-hard fans sneak peaked to see their favorite starlet in action. The talented actress in a recent interview revealed that she has earned her way to success with her acting prowess and she will never let success hit her on head. Chloe Moretz confessed that it was her sheer hard work, which has earned her the spot she is at now. She is neither a destiny’s child nor an offspring of an established actor. She said, she knows how to stay grounded and level-headed in order to handle her ever-rising success. Moreover, she said that she would keep working till she can, as resting back will affect her career. Well said, Chloe!

Coming back to the photo-shoot, the actress rocked a bright yellow faux fur coat and looked uber sexy in the ensemble. Though the fur coat was bit outrageous, yet the talented actress did complete justice to it. She also donned a pair of yellow sunglasses. She gave myriad animated poses for the cameras and was extremely confident. Her funky look was indeed admirable. In the downtime during the shoot, the 16-year old actress was all smiling and texting from her phone. To whom, she was texting is a mystery and it should be…LOL! Well, we hope to see her more and more and may she keep entertaining her fans with the good work as she is doing now!

Chloe Moretz For A Photo-Shoot in California

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