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Nicole Murphy with Daughter Zola Murphy at Miami Beach

by ,  June 26, 2013 | 6031 Views

Definitely relishing the much essential ‘chic time’ while the cameras hovered over the two to capture some memoirs for a lifetime. The ever young beatific mother Nicole Murphy along with her teenage daughter Zola Murphy were in a swing mood as they were seen enjoying summer sand at the beach side fete with friends and family in Miami Beach, Florida on June 23, 2013.

We would not have called Nicole a mother if she was not witnessed hand in hand with her teenage daughter Zola. They looked like siblings rather than a tender relationship they are tied into. The duo seemed extra jubilant in their bikinis while they touched and flashed the beachside water onto each other. The gorgeous lady lazed and lounged in the shining and warm weather of Florida along with her dear friend and a reality TV personality Claudia and her dearest 13 year old daughter Zola. Nicole willingly flaunted and highlighted her abs and flat tummy through her black and white bikini body. The mother of five looked intensively curvy and lustrous in her perfectly toned body. The 45 year old star figure strolled and rambled around the beach with the duo present with her at the location. As she spent much of her time dipping and crashing into the clear Ocean of Miami, Nicole opted to spend her entire day makeup free. She decided to jump into the beach with daughter while they enjoyed a long and refreshing swim in the chilled and clear Pacific Ocean. Nicole chose to expose her curves and beautifully maintained abs through a high cut black bottoms and a contrasting white halter bikini top. On the other hand the young teen age wore a red and black striped bikini wear that was similar at the top and the bottom. The day did not seem like it ended as we found the stars at the beachside for a long period of time. They were stuck to their comfortable lounge chair as the trio merrily rejuvenated the chilled breeze and dawning sun!

Nicole Murphy with Daughter Zola Murphy at Miami Beach

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