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Liam Hemsworth to Pose for Paranoia

by ,  July 17, 2013 | 432 Views

The below mentioned pictures are the still scenes from an upcoming project of Hollywood. Paranoia, directed by Robert Luketic is a trial to screen a young worker who struggles toward a high-level job profile. Based on hi-tech technology, this flick has endeavored to project a character that will be shown engrossed within a fix in an attempt to fulfil the commitment made to his superiors. But towards going through this rising action there comes a climax when ultimate Action of the story takes place. And what is worth watching is the way as how falling action takes place in order to pacify the situation.

Here are the images of Liam Hemsworth who was spotted giving poses for one of the sequences of this movie. Liam is playing the chief character of the young boy, the one who was talked about in the above-mentioned verses. While scrolling down to these images the only expression that will be recited by the readers is actually a WOW!!!! This 23 years old happening and sensational star was seen in a style that was worth eye catching. His sexy brod was quite clear from the way he was depicting his figure. He had tied only a towel around his waist. Every expression of his eye was making it quite clear that he is really putting efforts to make every moment and scene alive. Initially, Liam was captured while having a dip in the pool. That gesture was also bagging every gaze to its account. Every viewer standing there was not letting even a single moment go without taking the advantage of looking at him. Then further there came the turn of showing the actual place where he will be seen spending most of his time in this movie. The ambience presented there was giving a perfect picture of the kind of era that has been shot to be screened in the movie. He is standing in the front of a window that is located beside the study table where he has kept most of his usable material.

There is no doubt in the fact that this movie is actually depicting a class. The accessories that have been used to adorn the environment are outdoing the atmosphere. Then there is a talk of technology that will mostly be shown in this movie. The rest depends upon the readers who can comment the sizzling personality of Laim. They can also talk about the extent of expectations they drive on the basis of the stills that have been served below.

Liam Hemsworth to Pose for Paranoia

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