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7 Tips For More Product Sales On Social Media

TIps For More Product Sales on Social Media

Every business strives to have a significant presence in the virtual world by investing in a website or online store but there is another avenue which can be used for increased returns on investment. A few tips for more product sales on social media are being presented to underline the importance of these networks for generating better traffic resulting in an augmented user base apart from their immense value for promotional purposes.

1. Identify The Target Audience’s Preferred Networks

It is useless to have a presence on every available network and instead investing in creating profiles on the platforms that are favoured by the target audience will be a more sensible move. The whole strategy should be centred around identifying the networks on which the potential customers are most active and then devising specific plans for sales and promotion for each of them. Always remember that the medium is being used to communicate with your clients and not everyone else and therefore create material that can be useful in increasing the engagement of people with your brand. 

2. Engage With Social Media Influencers

Any owner looking to generate better sales figure must engage with the most well known and respected influencers of the business domain. These individuals have a credible image among their followers on social media because of the knowledge and experience possessed by them in their chosen field of work. Followers trust the judgment of influencers and depend on them to choose products or services which makes it pertinent to build relationships with them so that they can recommend your offerings. The trustworthiness of the product has to be unquestionable in order to engage these professionals for endorsing it. Providing free samples to these people or arranging a visit to your facilities can be helpful as then chances of them providing a favourable assessment of the merchandise on their accounts, are increased.

3. Invest in Advertising On Social Media

Targeting your potential audience through social media advertising is also a good way to popularize your product among them. Assessing the accounts or pages related to your business vertical that are most frequented by your target audience and placing compelling paid promotional content will be beneficial. Take into account the nature of the network and create campaigns specifically for them while keeping in mind the interests and preferences of the intended user base. This method is a cost-effective and efficient way of conveying your branding strategy to a large section of the audience in a short span of time.    

4.  Exploit The Potential Of User-Generated Content

The credibility and trustworthiness of your brand can be built effectively by exploiting the immense potential of user generated content. A prospective customer will try to assess the quality and efficiency of a product by reading its reviews and other associated content and these people can be influenced with favourable comments generated by existing users. Ask your clients to provide reactions on their buying experience with your service and encourage them to share their feelings after using the product by uploading photos or videos on your social accounts. It is one of the most important tips for more product sales on social media as a relatable and positive comment or image has immense potential to encourage a prospective client into buying the merchandise.

5. Create Useful And Original Content

Creating helpful content related to your business domain that can be used by the audience is a very potent method for building your profile as a credible source of useful information. It will be pertinent to start a blog for your organization, where you can provide solutions to problems related to your industry or insightful information on various aspects. Post the content on all your social profiles after altering it according to the nature of the network. For example, while you can share an article on Facebook, tweeting some key points from it or the URL will be the ideal method for Twitter. WordPress is one of the best platforms for starting a blog and a lot of owners migrate to the platform using services like PSD to WordPress service, to take advantage of its versatile features.

6. Use Visual Content To Increase Engagement

Visuals will always be more engaging than textual content and therefore investing in images and videos conveying your brand story will always make sense. Create visual tutorials and guides like how-to videos about using your service or any other aspect related to your business domain and upload them across all your accounts as well as video- sharing sites. Embellish your written material like articles and blogs with infographics (charts, graphs etc.) apart from pictures to attract more viewers who can be converted into users. Some platforms like Facebook also have a feature of live video that gives an opportunity to engage with the audience in a unique and interesting way.

7. Convert Users Into Brand Advocates

You need to impress influencers for them to endorse your products and may need to incentivize the action in order to get user-generated content but if your enterprise is working efficiently, there will be a number of dedicated clients who will be recommending your services to their friends without any prompting by you. Identify these customers and turn them into brand advocates and build fruitful relationships with them by rewarding them with discounts or free gifts and encourage them to voice their opinion on social networks and other avenues.


Each of the above mentioned tips for more product sales on social media are designed for securing the trust and confidence of a relevant customer through all possible means. In order to optimally exploit the potential of these methods, an entrepreneur must conduct a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of the market before devising the promotional strategy.

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