Alexandra Krosney: Mesmerising Facts About The Actress

Alexandra Krosney

Alexandra Krosney is a well known American actress, especially known for her small-screen work. Between 2002 to 2016 she has 32 credits as an actress on her IMDb page. The very first role she played was as Cricket in the pilot of The Grubbs(2002) tv show. Unfortunately, the show never aired on tv and got canceled.

But Alexandra’s career has started, after that she didn’t miss to work even a single year until 2016. She is quite famous to play Kristen Baxter in the comedy series Last Man Standing. She appeared in 24 episodes between 2011 – 2012. Fans were pretty disappointed and eager to know the reason behind her leaving the show.

She was born on January 28, 1988, in Los Angeles, California.

Alexandra Krosney: Appeared in TV Shows and Movies

Alexandra Krosney - Last Man Standing

After starting her career with a pilot of The Grubbs (2002) that never got aired, Alexandra Krosney appeared in numerous tv shows. In the year 2007, she played the character of Diana Malloy in a tv movie The Last Day of Summer (2007).

Talking about her big screen appearance, she acted in Barely Lethal (2015) movie as Cindy. The film is action, adventure comedy and received average ratings from the audience and critics.

Her other notable appearances are in Read It and Weep (2006) and Shredderman Rules (2007) tv films and a comedy tv show Surviving Suburbia (2009). 

In 2008, she also appeared in famous tv show Criminal Minds. However her role was very short, she played the character named Eileen Bechtold.

Alexandra Krosney played Katie Preston in short tv movie in 2015. It was her last work that got released, the movie’s name is Self Promotion and it’s a comedy.

She is widely known for her appearance in Last Man Standing, let’s know why she left the series.

Why Alexandra Krosney Left Last Man Standing?

Alexandra played the role of Kristin Baxter and people liked her immediately. Her character was widely accepted by the loyal audience of the show. Despite that, Amanda Fuller came on board the show Last Man Standing and replaced Krosney’s role. And fans got mad because they really liked Krosney playing Baxter.

People started to make several assumptions related to the departure of Krosney from Last Man Standing. Rumors started to spread that she left the show because of her relationship with her boyfriend.

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That was just a rumor because she was not dating anyone at that time. Later on, the actual reason became public that Alexandra Krosney left the show because Amanda Fuller was older than her and suited the role more appropriately.

So basically Kristen Baxter’s role supposed to be played by someone elder than Krosney.

Krosney’s Net Worth and Dating Life

Alexandra Krosney has worked for several years in the industry and made a name for herself from the show Last Man Standing. The actress is also perfectly healthy and health plays a big role in anyone’s net worth now more than ever.

Based on all the aspects combined, her net worth should be around $1-$2 million.

Talking about her dating life, the actress likes to keep things private about her personal life. Alexandra is active on Instagram with more than 12,000 followers. She updates her account almost every day.

By having a glimpse on her Instagram account, anyone can have an idea about the relationship status about Krosney.

However, her Instagram posts are quite creative. Even If you are not a fan of the actress but like creative and pleasing images, you can follow her on the image sharing platform.

The actress also likes animals and she has uploaded images her dog on October 6, 2018. And this was not the first time she posted images with animals. If you go through her Instagram feed then you’ll find she has also uploaded images of cats.


View this post on Instagram


“Your dog is as likely to have an anxiety disorder as you are.” – anxiety.org, which is actually a real website.

A post shared by alexandra krosney (@alexkrosney) on

So, we can say that she has a soft spot for animals. Which clears one another fact that she has a kind heart.

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