Are You The One?: 10 Burning Questions About The MTV’ Show

Are You The One

Familiar with MTV’s Are You The One? The reality-tv show started with an interesting dating concept in 2014 on MTV. The show is still going strong as 4th episode of the seventh season is airing today on 22 August 2018.

I don’t live in the USA, and the show doesn’t air in India or available on any streaming channel. I found an interesting article by Entertainment Weekly where the author asks ten questions related to the show, Are You The One?

Some of those questions are generic so I’ll be answering them along with my opinion. But first, let’s know the show.

Are You The One

Are You The One? What is the show about?

Are You The One? is a dating reality tv show started by MTV in 2014. From hundreds of applications, the showrunners select 20 participants based on the fact how well they match with each other.

After selecting perfectly matched soul mates 10 guys and 10 girls are left in Hawaii. Where they spend time with each other. If they can successfully pair up with their predetermined soul mates, they’ll all split a million bucks.

Questions about Are You The One? Show Asked on Entertainment Weekly

I will be answering the questions with my thoughts and opinions only, if you want to read the answers by people who are connected to the show, you can read them at EW.

Note: MTAO = My Thoughts and Opinion

Q #1: What’s the science behind these “perfect matches”? What methods were used?

MTAO:  Along with doing all the scientific approach and interviewing people they should also consider the help of Indian Astrology. Arrange marriages have been part of Indian culture for a long long time. It’s not like the parents of the boy and girl decide the marriage. First horoscopes of the girl and boy are matched if in the results even 18 gunas from 36 are met between the horoscope of boy and girl then its a match. That couple tends to live happily ever after. This approach can be very helpful in Are You The One?

Plus, it is not just gunas match required, many other factors require too. I am no astrologer, if you are curious about this method of matchmaking, you can check it out here.

A show like this in can grab the huge attention of the audience in India.

Q #2: So is this equitable to online dating where there’s a percentage of compatibility, à la OKCupid?

MTAO: Like I said earlier matchmaking requires several aspects and only a well-qualified astrologer can tell every aspect that comes in matchmaking, according to Indian Astrology.

Q #3: Who are the matchmakers?

MTAO: In the USA there are licensed marriage/family therapists. In India there should be a well-qualified astrologer can do this job pretty well.

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Q #4: How much time do the contestants get with each other between match-up ceremonies?

MTAO: Contestants should be given 15 to 20 match-up ceremonies instead of 10. After all, they have to spend the whole life together.

Q #5: Why is there only one bed?

MTAO: This is totally wrong, there should be a separate bed for the boy and girl until they mutually decide to share one bed.

Q 6: Are there any rules set on the contestants or any gameplay that is off-limits?

MTAO: I believe it’s a wise decision to have no such rules in Are You The One?

Further, I have no comments on 7 to 10 questions and I agree with them. Except in the ninth question, I would argue that why to keep any rule that’ll create drama. It’s the life of people and there shouldn’t be drama, but again this is a TV show, it doesn’t run without drama.

So it’s fine. You can read the complete and original questions at Entertainment Weekly’s website. And share your opinion and views in the comments below.

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