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Sarees in India

Sarees in India, 11 Types of Regional and Traditional Wears

Sarees in India are worn by almost every female in every state. Saree is a traditional female garment that comes in various styles and has a length of five to nine yards.

Over the years there are more than 80 recorded ways to wear a saree in India. The most common style is the Nivi style. There are more than 30 types of regional and traditional sarees found across India.

The types of sarees available in India are Pattu Sarees, Banarasi Silk Sarees, Khun Sarees, Kasheeda Sarees, Kasuti Sarees, Bhagalpuri Sarees, Mundum Neriyathum, Maheshwari Sarees, Tussar Silk Sarees, Kanjeevaram Sarees, Chanderi Sarees, Tant Sarees, Assam Silk Sarees, Batik Print Sarees, Assam Muga Silk Sarees, Dhakai Jamdani Sarees, Cotton Sarees, Panchampalli Sarees and many more.

Various Types of Traditional and Regionals Sarees of India

There are several types of Indian traditional wedding sarees and here are some of the names which are popular. Paithani Saree, Zardosi saree, kanjeevaram wedding saree, sambalpuri wedding saree, banarasi wedding saree, Asaam silk saree, resham saree, gota saree and neriyathum saree.

There’s a term called saree draping. In which there are several styles. One of the most popular is Nivi style that was originated in Andhra Pradesh and this is the most common style in India along with Nauvari from Maharashtra. The drape can be different for five to nine yards sarees.

There are more than 82 recorded ways of different sarees styles based on region. Each one is beautiful in its own way.

Banarasi Saree

The most popular style of sarees is Banarasi Sarees, originally made and introduced in Varanasi. These sarees are widely known for their beautiful work of gold and silver zari.

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Tant Saree

Tant sarees are the most comfortable sarees in all over sarees. These are commonly worn by Bengali women. Tant sarees are traditionally made by weavers of West Bengal and Bangladesh. The price range of Tant sarees starts from ₹1,000.

Kosa Saree

These Kosa sarees are available and come in various colors, designs, and patterns. Also because of its variety, these sarees have become one of the most popular ones. Kosa is a special type of silk that is produced from larvae of several species of silkworms.

Kosa sarees are mainly made in Chhattisgarh.

Sambalpuri Saree

This saree is mostly adorned casually and its cloth is tie-dyed before weaving. It’s made in five districts of the state of Odisha and their names are Sambalpur, Sonepur, Balangir, Boudh, and Bargarh.

Chiffon Saree

The lightest weight fabric sarees which are made purely from silk are called Chiffon sarees. These type of sarees are quite appealing and one of the most attractive sarees of all.

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Kasta Saree | Sarees in India

This beautiful saree is also referred to as Nauvari is the traditional Marathi style of saree. The one and only type of a single nine-yard saree which is similar to a Maharashtrian dhoti.

Georgette Saree

Another lightweight attire in the sarees category made from silk with highly twisted yarns. Most of the time georgette sarees are made in solid colors and prints.

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Chanderi Saree

Carefully crafted in the town of Chanderi of Madhya Pradesh, these sarees are made from pure silk, silk cotton, and chanderi cotton. These beautiful sarees are also known for silver and gold brocade.

Kasavu Saree

Kasavu is an item of traditional clothing for the women of Kerala. This saree only comes in white or cream color. Number of sales of Kasavu sarees increase during the festive and wedding seasons.

Sarees in India, Casual and Party Wear Sarees

Net Saree

Net sarees also come in different varieties but one kind of a fabric, which is the fabric with open spaces. Various designers and manufacturers use different weaving patterns for different kinds of netting.

Bandhani Saree

Various techniques, varieties, and colors are used in the making of Bandhani sarees. These things are highly decorated in these sarees. These type of sarees are sold all over India, especially during the wedding and festive seasons.

How to Host on Twitch

How to Host on Twitch: Simple Way of Hosting Other Streamers

Hosting other streamers on your twitch channel is very easy. With host mode active, your viewers can watch other twitch streamer’s channel without leaving your channel’s chatroom. By doing so your viewers can enjoy the fresh live content and also stay connected with their friends in your community.

Plus, hosting your favorite streamer is a great way to keep your community together while you are offline.

If you are new to twitch and don’t know how to host someone on twitch! Worry not, you will know everything about hosting another channel in this how-to guide. Plus you will also know the pros and cons of hosting someone on twitch.

You can host another channel from desktop and from the twitch android or ios app.

So, without any delay lets get started.

How to Host on Twitch (Desktop) – Step by Step Guide

1. Go to the twitch.tv website on your laptop or computer.

If you have an account on Twitch, then log in from the top right corner of the website.

If you don’t have an account then sign up and log in afterward.

2. Click on your profile icon on the top right corner after login. It will open the drop-down menu.

How to Host on Twitch

After that click on the channel button to open your channel.

How to Host on Twitch

Doing so will open your channel along with chatroom on the right side.

3. Now to host someone type /host username in the chat box and hit enter. For example if you want to host the official twitch account, type /host twitch. Same goes if you want to host any other channel, just type their username after /host and hit enter. 

Note: to stop hosting anyone, just type /unhost in the chatbox and hit enter.

Host on Twitch

And there you go, this is the guide to host on twitch from desktop/laptop.

How to Host on Twitch (Mobile) – Step by Step Guide

1. First of all download the Twitch mobile app. Here are the links for Android and iOS

Then open the Twitch app and log in to your account.

Host on Twitch from Mobile

2. Now click on your profile’s icon on the top right corner, which will take you to your account page. 

Host on Twitch from Mobile

3. Now tap on chat tab on your account page, which will open the chat box of your channel. 

Host on Twitch from Mobile

4. Type /host followed by a channel’s name in the chat box and send, now you are hosting your desired channel.

Host on Twitch from Mobile
Note: to stop hosting a channel, just type /unhost in the chatbox and send.

High Paying

5 Highest Paying Jobs For College Graduates

With reference to past events, people say that college graduates earn more incomes than high school graduates. But how much more do they actually earn?


Sometimes, it takes several years for a student to pay their education loan after studies. Because their salaries are not good enough. Half of their lives goes into paying the loan bills.


But that is not the case with every student, it totally depends on which education stream they choose to study. Here I am covering the highest paying jobs for college graduates. Most of these careers fall under the STEM category.


Common attributes of these high-earning professionals include leadership and management skills, advanced mathematical, technical, or engineering knowledge, and high-level researching abilities.
While many of the highest paying careers for college graduates allow for entry-level work fresh off of an undergraduate program, some may require graduate or postgraduate education to get your foot in the industry door.

1. Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

Average Salary: $102,300 to $176,300

The brains behind the extraction of oil and gas belong to the Petroleum engineers. They design the methods and equipment used in this process.

In the beginning, they work alongside scientists and specialists to understand the reservoir formations, before beginning research and development of drilling equipment, plans, and other operations.

Inside this engineering, there are different areas at which the engineers can specialize. That includes completions, working on building wells; drilling, determining the safest and most efficient drilling procedures; production, monitoring the production of built wells; and reservoir, determining how much gas or oil can be extracted from a deposit.

Often the work requires engineers to travel to different drilling sites.

2. Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Average Salary: $69,600 to $116,700

Chemical engineers have valuable skills that are high in demand, that’s why they can find employment in a large variety of industries.

They utilize math, physics, biology, and chemistry to examine problems and devise solutions for the production of everything from food to medicine, to fuel, to clothing.

Chemical engineers spend a lot of time conducting research in order to improve and develop manufacturing processes in an efficient and safe manner.

In addition to development and design, chemical engineers test their methods and may even directly oversee facility operations. These professionals work in offices, laboratories, and on-site at industrial locations like plants and refineries.

3. Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Average Salary: $64,700 to $107,900

Aerospace engineering encompasses a wide range of technology, including commercial aircraft, military aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles.

Due to the highly-specialized nature of each industry, aerospace engineers often focus their career on either aeronautical (spacecraft) or astronautical (aircraft and propulsion systems) endeavors.

Common job duties include coordinating the design, manufacture, and testing of products; evaluation of projects and designs for adherence to safety, project goals, customer requirements, and regulations; and inspection of malfunctioning products to identify problems and create solutions.

Aerospace engineers may specialize in technology areas including robotics, instrumentation and communication, fluid flow, or structural design.

4. Business and Information Technology

Business And Information Technology

Average Salary: $56,900 to $99,100

The highest-paying careers out of college in the field of business and information technology run the gamut from computer support specialists, who provide tech assistance to company employees or customers, to computer systems analysts, who work to support an organization’s overall operations through study and optimization of its computer systems, and everything in between.

Individuals in business and information technology jobs work in office environments, typically with little travel required.

Learning a combination of business and IT skills provides for a well-rounded and advanced knowledge base that can lead to high pay and high job satisfaction in a number of careers with faster-than-average growth projections.

5. Aviation Management

Aviation Management

Average Salary: $48,100 to $90,000

Aviation management professionals may work in airline company offices or on the ground at airports, handling administrative services including employee relations, staff scheduling, budget management, and aircraft maintenance planning.

In addition to being responsible for day-to-day operations, an aviation manager also ensures adherence to federal government guidelines concerning safety and labor.

This may require immediate responses and quick decision making regarding emergency situations, inclimate weather, or issues with aircraft or personnel.

Aviation management pays well, but it comes with a heavy set of responsibilities requiring individuals to possess strong leadership, organizational, analytical, and communication skills.


Weight Loss Fruits

10 Foods That Makes Your Body, A Fat Burning Machine

Burning fat is difficult, but not when you eat the right kind of food. There are some foods that increase your body’s metabolism rate. Which boost the fat burning process in your body.

However, While losing fat, one thing should always be your priority, that you eat in calory deficit. Eating in calory deficit and eating the right food is the surest formula to lose body fat, no matter how hard the fat is.

Here are 10 healthy foods that help in burning body fat.

1. Full-Fat Greek Yogurt

Full-Fat Greek Yogurt

Full-fat Greek is a great source of protein, calcium, potassium and it’s highly nutritious.

It is scientifically proven that high-protein dairy products can protect muscle during weight loss, boost fat loss and help you feel full and satisfied.

Yogurt is a food that’s known for keeping human’s stomach healthy, plus it reduces the chances of constipation and bloating.

Another surprising fact about the Full-fat Greek yogurt is that it helps burning fat of overweight and obese people. It has this power because it contains conjugated linoleic acid.

While purchasing, be careful that you but full-fat Greek yogurt, not the non-fat one. Because low-fat dairy products don’t contain conjugated linoleic acid.

2. Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is much more effective than green tea and it helps in fat loss. It’s also one of the healthiest beverages anyone can drink.

It doesn’t get as much as press as the green tea, but it has almost the same health benefits. Because it contains caffeine and catechins.

A review of several studies found that the combination of catechins and caffeine in tea increased calorie burning by an impressive 102 calories per day, on average.

According to several small studies in women and men suggest that drinking oolong tea increases metabolic rate and promote weight loss. Oolong tea also burns two times more calories than green tea.

We suggest you drink a few cups of oolong tea on a regular basis to gain its benefits.

3. Coffee


Coffee is for sure one of the most popular beverages around the world. Along with being a great source of caffeine, it can enhance mood and improve mental and physical performance.

Another benefit of coffee is that it can help you in losing fat.

Not a long time ago, a small study was conducted on two small groups of people. One group took caffeine an hour before doing exercise and other group did not.

The people who took caffeine burned nearly twice as much fat and were able to exercise 17% longer than the non-caffeine group.

According to research, caffeine increases metabolic rate by 3-13%, depending on the amount consumed and individual response.

If you want to take fat-burning benefits from coffee without any side-effects, such as anxiousness or insomnia. Then take around 100-400 mg (1-4 cups) coffee per day. Not more than that.

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

It’s also called the perfect oil for cooking in various countries. Because coconut oil is loaded with health benefits.

In the human body, it increases the good HDL cholesterol and decreases the triglycerides, along with that it also helps in losing weight.

Just add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in your daily diet and even if you don’t do any physical activity, you can lose weight over time, with the help of just coconut oil, it’s that helpful.

The fats in coconut oil are mostly MCTs, which have been credited with appetite-suppressing and fat-burning properties.

However, some studies suggest that its metabolism-boosting effects may decrease over time.

5. Whey Protein

Whey Protein

Whey protein is super healthy and a very impressive drink. It not only helps in muscle growth when combined with exercise but also preserves the muscle during weight loss.

In addition, whey protein seems to be even more effective at suppressing appetite than other protein sources.

The reason behind this is, it stimulates the release of “fullness hormones,” such as PYY and GLP-1, to a greater extent.

After consuming whey protein you don’t feel hunger for a longer period of time than usual.

Moreover, whey appears to boost fat burning and promote weight loss in lean people and those who are overweight or obese.

Whey protein meals also increase the metabolic rate and burn more fat than casein or soy protein meals.

A whey protein shake is a quick meal or snack option that promotes fat loss and may help improve your body composition.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is being used since ancient times and it has evidence-based health benefits.

It’s been credited with reducing appetite and lowering blood sugar and insulin levels in people with diabetes.

Acetic acid is the main component of vinegar and it helps in fat burning and reducing belly fat storage.

In this study, 144 obese men who added 2 tablespoons of vinegar to their usual diets every day for 12 weeks lost 3.7 pounds (1.7 kilograms) and experienced a 0.9% reduction in body fat.

Take 1 teaspoon per day diluted in water and gradually work up to 1–2 tablespoons per day to minimize potential digestive discomfort.

7. Black Pepper

Black Pepper

The most important substance in Black Pepper is piperine. Which has shown signs of reducing the formation of fat cells in the human body.

Black pepper also increases your metabolism.

The antioxidants available in black pepper can reduce inflammation and protect your cells from damage.

One antioxidant, in particular, is capsaicin, that helps in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight by promoting fullness and preventing overeating.

Start adding a small amount of black pepper in your meals, that would be a great way to shed some pounds.

8. Apples


Apple’s impressive fiber content makes it a favorite of nutritionists across the globe.

Apple’s richness in fiber may promote fullness and appetite reduction — and therefore weight control.

Apples contain very low calories, about 50 calories per 100 grams; which means you can have as much of the negative calorie fruit as you like without significant weight gain, and that’s because digesting these foods takes up more calories than what they inherently contain. Hence, minimalizing calorie addition.

And when eaten with the skin, it holds an extra amount of fiber and water.

9. Blueberries


Scientists have begun studying blueberries and their potential to help reduce body fat.

While blueberries have been well-documented for their cognitive and cardioprotective benefits, new research suggests that blueberries may change the way we metabolize fat and sugar.

Recent study findings suggest that blueberries may influence genes which regulate fat-burning and storage, helping reduce abdominal fat and lower cholesterol.

When combined with a low-fat diet, blueberries might also lower triglycerides and improve blood sugar levels, each benefit of a comprehensive weight loss plan.

10. Quinoa


Quinoa is a complete source of protein; it is packed with all essential amino acids.

Quinoa is particularly high in lysine, an amino acid important for tissue growth and repair.

Protein helps induce satiety and regulates hunger hormone ghrelin to check cravings. This ensures you are full for longer and binge less. In addition to protein, quinoa is also a great source of fiber. Fiber takes longer to break down and digest; this keeps you full for longer and prevents you from overeating.

Quinoa is easy-to-digest and doesn’t contain any gluten, making it suitable for anyone on a gluten-free diet.

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood Teaser is Out | It’s Exciting

Quentin Tarantino’s ninth film is about to hit the theaters very soon. I am very excited about it and the recently released first teaser pumped my excitement for the movie to a new height.

Like all the movie previous great movies by Tarantino, this one also has great soundtracks as background music. And the unique style of the legendary director can be seen in the teaser on every moment.

It’s simply cool or I should say, “The Cinema of Cool.”

The film stars Leonardo Dicaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie in the leading roles. Here’s the official storyline.

In 1969 Los Angeles, a former Western star and his longtime stunt double struggle to find success in a Hollywood that they don’t recognize anymore.

The film is obviously directed by Quentin Tarantino. The producers behind the project are Quentin Tarantino, David Heyman, and Shannon McIntosh.

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood will hit the theaters on July 26, 2019.

Marion Cotillard

Most Beautiful & Skilled Famous Women (2019)

Beauty goes a long way and it’s also said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But sometimes there is someone so beautiful that everyone stays in aw by just a glimpse of it. And if that person is also talented, it blows people’s mind and that woman is called beauty with the brain.

Actresses come and go in the business of cinema. But only some of them leaves a powerful mark in the industry. Some actresses are forgotten but some of them are awarded for their work. Their skill and beauty is so remarkable that people give examples of them throughout ages.

Here are some of those gorgeous and skilled actresses who have also awarded with the Academy Award (The Oscars).

1. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman
She is a tremendous actress and extremely beautiful and was born on 9 June 1981. Which makes her 37 years old at this time. She has won one Academy Award for Black Swan movie. She has dual American and Israeli citizenship.

2. Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock
This gorgeous and talented actress won her Academy Award for the movie The Blind Side(2009). Sandra was born on July 26, 1964, in Arlington, Virginia, USA. You must watch her recent movie Bird Box(2018) on Netflix in which she has given an incredible performance.

3. Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet
Who don’t know about this beauty that is also the lead actress of a massive hit movie Titanic. Winslet has won her Academy Award for The Reader(2008) movie. In the future, she will be seen in James Cameron’s Avatar 2(2020).

4. Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard

This beauty was born on September 30, 1975, in Paris, France. Cotillard has bagged the Academy Award for La Vie En Rose(2007) movie. She also has three upcoming movies that will be released in 2020.

5. Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon
She was born on March 22, 1976, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. She recieved the Academy Award for Walk the Line(2005) movie. Her recent work is in a tv series called Big Little Lies in which she plays Madeline Martha Mackenzie, you must see this show. She also has a few upcoming movie projects on her hand.

3 The Gorgeous Celebrities In The World

There are beautiful celebrities in the world and there are gorgeous celebrities in the world. We here have selected three gorgeous celebrities and featured in this post. The beauty of these ones is unmatchable.

They have worked in several movies and played their characters in a professional manner. Their beauty has won the hearts of millions around the world. One of these ladies has been an inspiration for several singers and painters.

Without any further delay, let’s see their names and images.

1. Marilyn Monroe

She was born on June 1, 1926, and was an American actress, model, and singer. Famous for playing comic “blonde bombshell” characters. She became one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1950s and was emblematic of the era’s attitudes towards sexuality.

Hundreds of books have been written about Monroe. She has been the subject of films, plays, operas, and songs, and has influenced artists and entertainers such as Andy Warhol and Madonna.

While Monroe remains a cultural icon, critics are divided on her legacy as an actress.

2. Kate Beckinsale

She is most definitely one of the gorgeous actresses in the world living today. Her beauty speaks for itself. Beckinsale was born on 26 July 1973 and is an English actress. She has been acting since 1991.

She became worldwide famous by playing Selena in the Underworld film series (2003-2016). We believe she is the most gorgeous actress of our era.

Kate Beckinsale

Digital Marketing

4 Solid Reasons To Get A Digital Marketing Degree

Getting a degree in digital marketing will definitely flourish your future. You will have more career choices and will be in demand. Digital marketing skills now are in demand more than ever before. Companies are focusing on digital marketing and spending millions of dollars to make a strong online presence.

This means that employees in this sector are also getting bigger pays than ever before. We have gathered four strong reasons behind getting a digital marketing degree and jumping on this future safe wagon.

Whether you are looking to change your profession or want to study a degree program. Or whether you are a parent looking for a suggestion for your child’s bright future, these four reasons can be of great help.

With Digital Marketing Degree, You Will Be An In-Demand Professional

It’s predicted that by 2020 there will be 150,000 digital jobs available and there are not enough individuals to fulfil that demand. Students or professionals in this field will be having a unique competitive advantage.

And gearing up for a career where demand exceeds supply is always a good move. Having skills in the digital marketing field will mean a future-proof career with job security and career enhancement opportunities.

Even this year the demand for digital marketing professionals will rise by 38%. So, now is the time to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Digital Marketing Degree Will Give You More Career Choices

The headquarters of many of the world’s leading digital companies like LinkedIn, Twitter and Google are located in Dublin. Every year they provide several job opportunities for digital professionals.

It’s very rare when a week goes by without the announcements of new digital jobs in multinationals brands. Even big airlines like Ryanair have previously created 200 digital jobs and most of them were in digital marketing positions.

At the Web Summits around the world companies like Enda Kenny, Microsoft and Linked announce jobs for hundreds of individuals in digital marketing space.

By choosing this path a person have variety of choices to pick the company they’d like to work for. It’s highly encouraged that you take advantage of this choice and think of what kind fo business best suits your career needs.

With Digital Marketing Degree Get Paid More Than You Peers

The demand for Digital marketing professionals is exceeding, that we have already talked. With that the salaries of professionals in this category has also increased.

The skills of individuals have increased in value and because of that a person can negotiate his/her salary according to their need. Plus, salaries in digital marketing space has increased dramatically from last five years.

That is not just for experienced people, but freshers in this field are also getting paid 15%-25% higher than they used to be paid.

Surveys have revealed quite a few exciting advancements for digital marketing professionals around the world.

With Digital Marketing Degree You Can Kick Start Your Own Career

Previously in traditional careers like advertising you’d have to wait for a coveted internship or graduate placement to open up so you can gain experience and create your own portfolio.

But the digital marketing space is entirely different. You can kickstart your own career before you do any kind of job in this industry.

You can create your online social media presence. Start your own blog and contribute to several communities or build your own community around a niche. You can also take several online tests provided by companies like Google and HubSpot and add them in your CV.

This can increase your chances to get your first client in this market space.


5 Reasons You Should Join A Rehab Facility

There are many misconceptions about why someone takes drugs. Some of these misconceptions can actually keep the drug abuser from seeking treatment in a rehab center. Here are five reasons, why you should join a rehab facility.

Rehab Joining Reason 1: When You Can’t Stop Anytime You Want

At a certain stage, willpower is not enough to break away from addiction. People should realize that the longer someone uses drugs, the more their brain changes. These chemical changes in the brain can lead to strong cravings for drugs.

And the longer time someone uses a drug, the harder it becomes to break the addiction. A person cannot simply say “I’m not going to do drugs anymore” and that’s it. It doesn’t work like that after a certain time period.

Even if the drug abuser has a strong desire to change their habit, their brain is going to fight them on it because it now relies on drugs to work. When someone can’t stop taking drugs or change any bad habit, it’s the perfect time to join the rehab center.

Rehab Joining Reason 2: You Can and Must Do Something About Your Addiction

Individual diseases effect on individual body parts. Addiction is a disease of the brain and our body functions because of our brain. Unlike every other disease, addiction can also be cured.

Detoxing and going to drug and alcohol rehab is the way to treat the disease of addiction. You should find a rehab facility that specializes in chemical dependency treatment. There are ways to fight the disease of addiction and lead a healthy life in recovery.

Reason 3: Rehab Works, No Matter Your Level of Addiction

Occasionally people don’t seek drug treatment or join a rehab facility until something really bad happens in their lives. But they should not wait that long, because recovery can be started at any point of your addiction.

And it’s better to start early because it will be much easier to leave the bad habit and replacing it with a good habit. You don’t have to wait to join the rehab facility after waiting for something terrible to happen. Everyone is different and people seek treatments at different times, but the longer you wait, the harder it will be to cure the disease.

Reason 4: Rehab Works, Regardless of Your Motivation

If you decide to go to rehab on your own, then it’s a great start in defeating your disease. But many times people don’t have any other choice but going to rehab. Most of the times it’s court-ordered or your job may force you to go there.

At that point, don’t think the rehab is not going to work for you. It’ll definitely work and you will start to see things clearly after the drugs are out of your system. An addict builds a wall around their selves and this wall break down by spending the time in a rehab facility.

Reason 5: Rehab Works if You Stop Asking ‘What if?’

Recovery is not easy and you will always have to work on it. Sometimes after the treatment people relapse, but that doesn’t mean that your treatment was a failure or the rehab treatment did not work.

The treatment works and people get off track sometimes, but re-joining the rehab facility can put you back on track. You can also try different rehab centers that approach the problem differently and try that in staying sober.

Remember that addiction is not an easy to cure disease, it requires hard work to stay sober. But once you get past the misconceptions and attitudes, you can be successful at curing your addiction.

Kylie Jenner

This is How Kylie Jenner Became The Youngest Billionaire Ever

At 21, Kylie Jenner has become the youngest billionaire beating Mark Zuckerberg, who became a billionaire at 23.

For the past three years, Kylie Jenner was selling the products of Kylie Cosmetics online and briefly in pop up stores. But before the last quarter of 2018, Kylie signed an exclusive distribution deal with Ulta, the beauty retailer.

Kylie JennerImage via: Instagram.com/kyliejenner
They have 1,000-plus stores in the country and this deal played a big role for Kylie Jenner in reaching the billionaire’s mark. After the deal, Kylie Cosmetics was selling $29 lip kits including a matte liquid lipstick and matching lip liner in all of Ulta’s retail stores.

This skyrocketed the sales of her products. She also visited one of the stores at Richmond Avenue in Houston. There she greeted customers, signed autographs and of course posed selfies with her fans.

According to Forbes, after this deal, Kylie Cosmetics sold $54.5 million worth of products in Ulta just in few weeks.

Since last year the revenue of Kylie Cosmetics has increased by 9%, the estimated value of this increment is $360 million.

Forbes estimated Kylie Jenner’s company at $900 million and her overall wealth at the age of 21 this year is around $1 billion. Making her the youngest self-made billionaire in the world.

While talking to Forbes, Kylie expressed her feelings about this tremendous achievement. Talking about her visit at the Ulta’s retail stores, she said.

“I popped up at a few stores, I did my usual social media—I did what I usually do, and it just worked.”

And this is what she has to say about becoming a billionaire.

“I didn’t expect anything. I did not foresee the future. But feels really good. That’s a nice pat on the back.”

Benefits of Tofu

8 Unexpected Health Benefits of Eating Tofu (Soya Paneer)

Tofu is a great source for plant-based protein and it’s super healthy, especially for women. While men should not eat much tofu because its soy-based and that can have bad affect male hormones.

But for women it’s perfectly healthy food, they can eat as much as they like. Apart from being the source of protein, there are numerous benefits of eating tofu and we are going to mention eight of them.

Before that, I must say that thanks to the internet anyone can find numerous recipes for any kind of vegetable or edible product. The same thing goes with tofu, you can make tofu in more than 20 ways.

So eat it just like you want to have it. You just have to search for the recipes on Google and you’ll be good to go.

Now let’s know the amazing health benefits of eating tofu (soya paneer).

#1 Better Brain Health

Benefit of Tofu
Tofu helps your brain to function in a better way. It has been proved that women who eat Tofu have experienced improved memory and cognitive brain functionality. Eating tofu can also prevent brain deterioration, so why not make some delicious tofu dish today!

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#2 Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis - Benefit of Tofu
When your bones become brittle and fragile, that condition is called Osteoporosis. It happens because of the absence of required calcium in the human body. Tofu is very rich in calcium and you can fulfill the requirement of calcium by eating a cup of tofu.

So start eating tofu today and your bones will thank you later on.

Powerful Indian Women

5 Most Powerful Indian Women

Most of the Indian women are housewives and there’s nothing wrong with being one. But some of the women in this great country have achieved great heights within their respective fields and have become role models for the millions of others.

They are unstoppable, exemplary in their own right and are known around the globe for their incredible achievements.

Here are the five most powerful Indian women.

#1 Roshni Nadar Malhotra

Roshni Nadar Malhotra

Roshni Nadar Malhotra is the executive director and the CEO of HCL Enterprise. Despite being the only child and daughter of HCL’s founder Shiv Nadar, Roshni worked in various companies as a producer before joining HCL. One of them is Sky News, where she worked for two years as a news producer.

In 2017, Forbes released a list of World’s 100 Most Powerful Women and she ranked 51st in that list.

Till now she has won the Philanthropist of the Year title by two companies. First by NDTV in 2014 and second time by Vogue in 2017.

She has also taken classes as a musician.

She has a nice sense of humor and carries a quite humble personality. After receiving the award from NDTV, she said I am not smart enough in a humorous way.

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#2 Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

She calls herself an accidental entrepreneur. She started Biocon, a biotechnology company in 1978.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw is a billionaire entrepreneur and the chairperson and managing director of Biocon Limited. While starting her company, she faced a lot of credibility challenges because of being a woman in the business.

She was 21 years old when she started Biocon with very little business experience and quite low money in the bank. Shaw faced a lot of difficulties in order to get approval from bankers to invest in her company.

But despite facing so many difficulties she started her business and today she is a billionaire with the net worth of $3.2 billion (330 Crores) as of 2019.