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Bernice Burgos

Bernice Burgos is a gorgeous model and entrepreneur of Afro-American ethnicity. The diva got famous on Instagram and up to date, the girl has over 4.5 million followers. She is probably the youngest grandma in the world.

She updates her Instagram account almost every day with new images. She also has an account on Snapchat. Bernice has provided her email address for booking in her Instagram bio.

Not a long time ago she started doing modeling and fashion shows. The young lady has also appeared in a few music videos.

Her most famous appearance is in the music video Do You Mind by DJ Khaled in 2016.

According to Social Media tracking website socialblade.com, her account gets 5k+ average users per day.

The numbers are pretty impressive. According to Influencer marketing hub, the Bernice can earn up to $11,000 per post. See the screenshot below.

Bernice Burgos Instagram Post Value

Let’s know more about the star entrepreneur in the following short wiki and bio followed by her relationships, career ups and downs, and her daughters.

Bernice Burgos Wiki, Bio and Family

The famous model was born on April 17, 1980, in the Bronx, New York City, and her upbringing happened in the tri-state area.

Her parents raised her with utmost love and affection, and their heritage is Puerto Rican.

And there’s one more important thing about her, Bernice Burgos was not born famous or into a famous family. She worked hard and hustled to get where she is today.

Prior to modeling, she worked as a waitress, bartender and served drinks.

Rising To Fame, The Career of Bernice

Her journey on Instagram started with one picture of Bernice Burgos coming out of the pool in a United States flag-themed bikini. Here’s the image below.


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A post shared by www.bold-beautiful.com (@realberniceburgos) on

If you look at the comment section of this image, then you will know that some of her fans have scrolled all the way down to see her first image and even commented there. So don’t be in any confusion by seeing 10k likes on this image and think, oh she got 10k likes on her first image, she was famous from the beginning. Wrong!

These likes came over the years, I can say that because her posts from number 1 to 10 have a mixed range of likes from 3k to 10k. People have scrolled all the way down and liked her very first image and commented there.

On September 8, 2014, she was having around 300k followers on her Instagram account. Eventually, she started doing modeling and walked on ramp couple of times.

Then Bernice Burgos shined on the pages of few magazines. She even hosted some shows and one of them was in San Fransisco named BBLU. She was featured in magazines like Show Magazine, King Magazine, XXL Eye Candy and many more.

She even got to play a part in the video featuring Drake. It was Rick Ross’s Diced Pineapples featuring Wale and Drake. Other than this, Bernice was in J.Cole’s Work Out, Jaheim’s Ain’t Leaving Without You and many more.

Sometimes a person gets famous but big money doesn’t come easy and expenses can be overwhelming. It happened with Bernice, the money and fame both took time for coming into her life and they arrived one at a time.

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So, while doing music videos, she still worked as a bartender before quitting that job for good and begin her career at full scale as a model and music videos star.

Bernice Burgos and Entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur, I believe every big social media star should start their own product line based on their audience and profession. Starting her own lingerie and sleepwear clothing line by the name of Bold & Beautiful was the perfect and commendable decision of Bernice.

You can visit her website at bold-beautiful.com.

Relationships of Bernice

Bernice Burgos

Bernice has dated few guys in her life including CEO’s and rappers. Let’s start with the first famous one, that happened in 2012 when she was spotted hanging out with the Canadian emcee Drake.

We all know, what happens when any celebrity is seeing with a girl or boy, the rumors. And so the rumors began that Bernice and Drake are dating. They were actually a couple at that time or just friends the news never got declared officially by any one of them. But they stopped seeing each other in 2015.

The next guy in her life was the founder, executive, and CEO of Kapital Records and Death Row Records. He is also a former football player and his name is Marion Knight. Their relationship didn’t go on for a long time.

Controversial Relationship of Bernice Burgos and T.I

And now comes the controversial relationship between Bernice Burgos and T.I. The girl received her fair share amount of hate from the audience and fans while being in a relationship with T.I. Because he was married at the time of dating Bernice.

People were saying things like Bernice is breaking a home. In response, she said that she’s not trying to break any home as T.I’s wife Tiny has already filed divorce papers. That thing is just sad. T.I and Bernice went on separate ways after Meek Mill’s 30th birthday party in May month of 2017.

The Dear Daughters of Bernice

Yes, you read that right, Daughters! Bernice has two daughters and they both have ten years of age difference between them. It was not easy growing up for Bernice. She got pregnant at the tender age of 15. Name of her that daughter is Ashley. Another daughter of Bernice is named Sarai, she is ten years younger than her first one.

They both mother and daughter have worked hard on their bodies. As they are in very nice curvey shapes.

Now there were rumors at the beginning of 2017 that Ashley Burgos is pregnant. Bernice got a lot of backlash by people online for being a careless mother. Later on, Bernice went to Instagram and confirmed the rumors to be true and hit on many haters online who were against her.

She also received love from her loyal fans and supporters and she thanked them for being with her. Then in the year, 2018 Ashley gave birth to a daughter named Amarie. This made Bernice Burgos probably the youngest grandmother in the world.

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