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Beyonce and Tina Knowles Celebrates Jay-Z’ Birthday

Jay-Z and Beyonce

South African DJ and producer Black Coffee posted a video filled with happiness and voices of near and dears of Jay-Z, wishing him happy birthday. The very first voice who wished Jay-Z was Beyonce’s and then everyone followed her.

Especially Jay-Z and everyone else in the video looked very happy.

This was the celebration of 49th birthday of Jay-Z and his mother in law also posted heartwarming wishes for her son in law.

Here are both of the Instagram updates.


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Greatful?????????? #TheCarters

A post shared by Black Coffee (@realblackcoffee) on

Tina Knowles wrote the following in her post.

A very Happy Birthday to my amazingly talented, super smart, gracious, classy, filled with swag son in law. I have witnessed your loyalty to all of your friends, some from childhood if only we all could be so supportive of our friends and share a mutual love and respect for each other like you and your amazing friends.

You have done so much for our Culture, Thank you for that! I could not be more happy to have you in my family and could not be more happy to be in yours… I have watched you grow personally in leaps and bounds and you are an incredible husband and the best Father! I love you.

Now ain’t that beautiful!

What are your thoughts about this celebration? Do speak your mind in the comments below.

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