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Big Chief - Justin Shearer

Original name Justin Shearer and the guy goes publically by the name Big Chief is an American street racer and a reality TV personality. He is best known for his role in a reality tv program called Street Outlaws that runs on Discovery channel.

Big Chief Faced a Tragedy at Early Stage in Life

Big Chief was born on December 9, 1980, in Louisville, Kentucky. From the early days of his life, he had a passion for cars and racing. Because of that, he had the first experience of racing when he was just nine years old.

His father was fond of motorsports and used to work on race cars. While working he would give some tiny work to little Justin and that built his interest in cars. His father also used to take him on track but sadly Justin faced a tragedy. His father died when he was quite young and he felt devastating because of this incident.

Big Chief’s mother raised him well along with his brother. He says his mother literally saved his life and calls her a superhero.

Big Chief – The Famous Street Racer at 12

As you all know he is a dreamer and wanted to become a street racer since his childhood. Like an opportunist, he grabbed one opportunity when it arrived. Big Chief got the chance to enter the street racing community in Oklahoma City when he was just a child.

At the age of 12, he was famous in the streets of Oklahoma as a street racer. Unbelievable, right! that’s the fine truth about him. It all happened because of his dreams and most of all because of the support of his mother. When this happened she was also graduating from the nursing school.

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Oklahoma City was known for street racing back then and usually, everyone used to watch the popular events. Big Chief worked hard to become the best and smartest among the other racers, he always pushed the limits when it comes to street racing. That’s why he gained the popularity at an early age and later on got on the show.

Bought His First Car From Racing

Big Chief was passionate and his efforts were clearly visible via his racing skills. Later on, he started street racing as a career and was making money out of it. He purchased his first racing car, which was a customized 1972 Pontiac LeMans.

Big Chief - The Crow

He named it “The Crow”. The car was white colored and looked like a muscle car. With The Crow, he took many challenges on the street and won several races over the years.

In recent time, he transformed his car into the highest twin turbo GTO in the world. He wanted to rank up quickly while competing with other street racers. And he did so with his efforts.


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Racing Career Landed Big Chief a Job on TV

If a person is dedicated to his work in public events, they get the attention of the media and tv channels for sure. The same thing happened with Big Chief as because of his racing career he got a job as a television personality at Midwest Street Cars.

This show, later on, becomes the part of Discovery channel’s show Street Outlaws. The show started in 2013 is still going on and has 132 episodes till now. Onboarding Street Outlaws was the biggest achievement in the life of Big Chief.

From a local street racer, he became a national celebrity because of this show in the United States of America. But coming into the limelight didn’t effect badly on his efforts towards improvement. He only got better and better in his job and earned such a position that if someone wants to win big in the street racing, they have to go through the Big Chief.

Big Chief Built a Net Worth For Himself From Racing

From doing street racing to landing a job on tv Big Chief has achieved this because of his continued efforts and getting support from his mother. If in the year 2018 we have to analyze his net worth, then it would be around $4 million.

Considering all the aspects including his job on reality television program Street Outlaws and Big Chief’s health plays a big role in his net worth.

However, landing on tv wasn’t his first job. Previously he opened a merchandise shop where he used to sell clothes designed on the theme of street racing. Another job of working at a gas station can be added to his profile, he worked there at the age of 18.

Did He Get a Divorce? Who is Big Chief’s Girlfriend? Who Was His Wife?

Everyone knows that Chief got married to a girl named Alicia Shearer who is a respiratory therapist. The couple met while Justin was working at a gas station. They liked each other instantly upon meeting for the first time and became good friends.

Their friendship turned into a romantic relationship and after dating for a while they got married on September 29, 2006. Together they have two children and both are boys. Their names are Covil Shearer and Cobrin Shearer.

In the year 2017, Big Chief was seen hanging out with a young lady named Jacklyn Braasch. Afterward, rumors started to spread that he’s having an affair with Braasch and she is his new girlfriend. He cheated on his wife and later on things got clear and the couple went their separate ways.

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