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Blake Shelton’s First Car Was GMC Stepside Pickup

Blake Shelton

In a video series with People, Blake Shelton revealed some untold facts about himself. He revealed that his very first job was roofing houses in his hometown of Ada, Oklahoma.

He added, “Did it for two summers, made me wanna be a country singer!”

Talking about his favorite hobby he said something many people might not like. Because many people are against killing animals. His number one hobby is deer hunting.

Shelton often likes to cook nachos. Nachos also bring water in my mouth, it’s also one of my favorite food ;).

Talking about his favorite sports team he named Arizona Cardinals. And the very first car he owned was GMC Stepside Pickup truck.

Know more quick facts about Blake Shelton in the video below.

Apart from the facts, you might know that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are dating for almost three years. And fans are wondering that the couple might have engaged secretly.

But it is just a rumor or assumption and not true at all. As Gwen Stefani appeared on The Ellen Show, where Ellen asked Gwen the following in a teasing manner.

So, Blake told me y’all are engaged now

In response, Gwen replied the following, “No he did not! No — we’re not! What are you talking about?! We’re not engaged, we’re not married. He’s my boyfriend still.”

Well, thank you, Ellen, for bringing out the facts.

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