Block Breaker: Holidays | A Game For All Seasons and Holidays

Block Breaker: Holidays

Alias Entertainment INC has launched its very first game exclusively on Google Play Store. It’s called Block Breaker: Holidays.

The launch edition has two modes and fifty levels to play. The first mode is Halloween and the second is Diwali. The founder of Alias Entertainment, designer and developer of Block Breaker: Holidays game, King Panks (Pankaj Sharma) decided to launch with these two modes because of the following reason.

Reason: Halloween is nearby on October 19, 2018, and after that comes Diwali on November 7, 2018. More modes and levels will be added based on the upcoming holidays around the globe.


Panks made the game difficult, the game has two modes, Halloween and Diwali. And each mode has 25 levels. Player will get the first level unlocked in both modes and have to unlock all the levels to finish the game.

Player will have no power-ups through the entire game and only get one life in each level. This game is challenging and will test the patience of the player. This is because Panks wanted to make a tough game.

Graphics and Level Design

Beautiful graphics are used in this game downloaded from Alias Entertainment INC thanks Free Pik from the core of heart for the amazing graphics.

All fifty levels are uniquely designed and the background changes after every five levels.

Here’s a Halloween teaser of the game below.

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