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Block Breaker: Holidays | A Game For All Seasons and Holidays

Alias Entertainment INC has launched its very first game exclusively on Google Play Store. It’s called Block Breaker: Holidays.



Block Breaker: Holidays

Alias Entertainment INC has launched its very first game exclusively on Google Play Store. It’s called Block Breaker: Holidays.

The launch edition has two modes and fifty levels to play. The first mode is Halloween and the second is Diwali. The founder of Alias Entertainment, designer and developer of Block Breaker: Holidays game, King Panks (Pankaj Sharma) decided to launch with these two modes because of the following reason.

Reason: Halloween is nearby on October 19, 2018, and after that comes Diwali on November 7, 2018. More modes and levels will be added based on the upcoming holidays around the globe.


Panks made the game difficult, the game has two modes, Halloween and Diwali. And each mode has 25 levels. Player will get the first level unlocked in both modes and have to unlock all the levels to finish the game.

Player will have no power-ups through the entire game and only get one life in each level. This game is challenging and will test the patience of the player. This is because Panks wanted to make a tough game.

Graphics and Level Design

Beautiful graphics are used in this game downloaded from Alias Entertainment INC thanks Free Pik from the core of heart for the amazing graphics.

All fifty levels are uniquely designed and the background changes after every five levels.

Here’s a Halloween teaser of the game below.

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Best Adventure Games: Arriving in 2019, Your Thoughts?

Best adventure games of 2019 are most awaited ones. Developers are adding efforts on daily basis to make these games the best.



Best Adventure Game

Best adventure games, when we think about this term, our imagination goes wild. We think about endless forests, waterfalls, smashing big enemies, jumping from a jet and much more.

I have featured five upcoming adventure games in 2019, in this article. I cannot say for sure that these games will be the best. I am going to watch their trailers and teasers and write my opinion about each one of these games.

Best Adventure Games – #1 Crackdown 3

The architecture of the game is sci-fi based. And the color theme is neon, just like Tron: Legacy movie. The game looks like nothing more than just one guy screaming, shouting and bragging about his abilities.

All the action and blasts and a guy having superpowers, everything’s cool. But the voice of the main guy is super annoying. I just hope we get the option to mute his voice during gameplay.

Other than this, the game looks fine and is releasing on February 2019 on Xbox platform, as the title is Xbox exclusive. Could this be one of the best adventure games of 2019? I don’t think so.

Here’s the trailer for Crackdown 3

#2 Days Gone

This open-world zombie apocalypse PlayStation exclusive game is the one everyone is eagerly waiting. From the look of Days Gone’ first trailer gamers went crazy about it. Their expectations went high, that’s why this game is not available to play yet.

I loved how the story and adventure evolve in a zombie apocalypse world. These elements make me say that this game will be among the best adventure games of 2019. Days Gone is releasing on Feb 22, 2019.


Best Adventure Games – #3 Sea of Solitude

Unique and different color environment. The theme of this game is pretty interesting. The character seems lost in the sea. This game’s teaser raises some questions. Like, why even the looks of enemies are like the main character.

Even the giant monstrous creature that comes out of the sea looked like the main character. The game is developed by EA and will hit the stores early 2019.

#4 The Sinking City

This is a third person open-world adventure game that takes place in the United States of 1920. In the terms of gameplay, this one is a detective game.

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The player will be solving crimes and unveiling numerous secrets and mysteries of Oakmont and its people. The game will release on March 21, 2019.

Best Adventure Games – #5 Harold Halibut

This game looks promising and something new in the video gaming industry. The game is built with hand-drawn art and objects. Here’s the official synopsis of the game.

Dive into this nautic adventure as curiosity will guide you through a space ship wreck on an unknown planet made up of water. When one of the lead scientists still on board tries to unriddle the possibility of a relaunch young Janitor Harold is around to assist her. Join Harold in his clumsy undertakings to stir up the ark-like ship’s stale day-to-day life and find the secrets that lie behind its doors.

Underwater atmosphere, self-reflective humor and contemporary adventure mechanics make up the foundation of this  game created entirely out of craft supplies.

Harold Halibut started out as a dinner table conversation about the adventure games we played as children. We soon started building dollhouse sized sets and puppets in our bedrooms. The result works like a game but it looks like a stop motion film. Welded metal, carefully sewn textiles against tiny wooden floorboards and clay faces the size of walnuts pull the player into Harolds world.

You can check out more about this game on their official website.

What are your thoughts about these games? Kindly let me know in the comments, I reply to everyone’s comment.

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3 Features Players Wish Nintendo Switch Had

If Nintendo includes these features, life would be more colorful for Switch players. Here are the three features that players wish for.



Nintento Switch

Nintendo Switch is an incredible console where we can play gorgeous games with cute and beautiful stories. And just like every single electronics device, this one lacks some features too. If Nintendo includes these features, life would be more colorful for Switch players. Here are the three features that players wish for.

1. Voice Chat or Messaging

While playing with friends, we need to coordinate via voice chat or messaging. From both of these voice chat is a must-have feature. But Nintendo Switch doesn’t have both.

Coordinating with friends on games like Fortnite is extremely important. Can you imagine playing Fortnite without voice communication with friends? Nintendo should add this feature to their console.

2. Built-in Support For Wireless Audio

Imagine everyone is sleeping in your home but you want to play games at the same time. You’ll either have to play while keeping the sound of the television very low or totally turn the volume totally off.

If we talk about other consoles, PS4 has given headphone jack in their controller, we can simply plug in the 3.5mm jack and chat with other players. But in Nintendo Switch, there’s no option available like this.

Fortunately, there’s a product coming very soon that will enable wireless audio connectivity in Nintendo Switch. It’s called Genki, the project have raised over $531,898 from 9,389 backers on Kickstarter. You can pre-order the console from its Kickstarter page.

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3. More Third Party Entertainment Apps

While Xbox and PlayStation both have tons of third-party apps like Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime etc. Nintendo Switch only supports Hulu. It’s a pure gaming console rather than being an entertainment system. It would be nice if Nintendo adds some third party apps to the console.

There you go guys, what are your thoughts on these three features? Do you want Nintendo to add even more features other than these three? Give your thoughts in the comments below.

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