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‘Brainchild’ Makes Science Fun For Kids | A New Netflix Show

Netflix's Brainchild

Ok, this show is definitely for the children and I think it will be amazing. Children can learn so many things about science, living creatures and more from this show.

Brainchild will be hosted by the Indian-American actress Sahana Srinivasan. This Netflix’s original series has presented the topic of science in a most fun way possible.

Also as the show will be hosted by a colored girl, this fact got the attention of American rapper Pharell Williams and he decided to co-produce the show.

The first season of the series started streaming from November 2, 2018, with 13 episodes. It covered the topics like the impact of social media on people’s lives to finding the existence of other species in the universe.

Recently Srinivasan talked to NPR and revealed several things about the show.

“I think what “Brainchild” does really well is explore topics that may not be discussed in school traditionally”, she said.

“Seeing a woman talk to you about science and stuff is very encouraging for young girls and they message me about that,” she said. “I also have women of color, Indian young girls, who tell me that they’re interested in going into acting and this is inspirational for them.”

Along with her role as Brainchild’s host, Sahana Srinivasan is currently studying to get a degree in radio, television, and film from the University of Texas.

Here’s the trailer of Netflix’s Brainchild.

What are your thoughts about this show? Do share what’s on your mind in the comments below.

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