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Cardi B Gets Warning From The Court, No Arrest Warrant

Cardi B

Many celebrities have appointed bodyguards for security reasons. But Cardi B used his posse for revenge purpose and that rang a big false alarm for her back in August. And in October the rapper was arrested for assault and recklessness.

Later on, Cardi B was released but today she had a hearing at the court, regarding this case.

As TMZ reported, she arrived at the court in NYC before time as she did not want to be in some deep legal trouble by being late or hell by not appearing there at all.

It’s because on Monday she did not appear in the court as she was supposed to. So the court warned her that if she didn’t show up on Friday there would be a warrant issued for her arrest.

And it’s a good thing that she appeared in court because she did not face any charges. The hearing is over now.

The prosecutors wanted Cardi B’s to pay $2,500 for the bail but the judge didn’t find it to be necessary. As the rapper was released with no bail because the judge thinks she doesn’t pose any risk of fighting back with the bartenders.

However, the judge did give a warning to Cardi to have no contact with Baddie Gi and Jade. The court issued protective orders for the alleged victims and told Cardi to avoid any contact including making threats or comments on social media about the bartenders.

And, we don’t know why, but the rapper is scheduled to be back in the court next month.

The story and follow up source: TMZ

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