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Chip Hailstone

Chip Hailstone is a wild hunter living in extreme conditions of Alaska. His family’s life including him is filmed for the National Geographic reality TV series Life Below Zero.

The word around Chip is that he’s a brave hunter and occasionally carries a bow and arrow. But he also carries the will and skills to hunt and kill wild animals with his bare hands, without using any weapon.

Fans of the show love him and because of their love, he is known as a celebrity. Chip has his own family that includes his girlfriend and wife Agnes Hailstone and they have seven children.

Let’s know more about him in this short wiki and bio followed by creative acts of Hailstone family and the reason why Chip went to jail.

Chip Hailstone Wiki, Bio and Family

Chip was born in the year 1969 in Kalispell, Montana. His parents loved him dearly and their names are Mary Lois Hailstone and Daniel Franklin Hailstone. When he was born his name was Edward V Hailstone, later on, he changed his first name to Chip.

Kalispell is the place where grizzly bears used to roam around. Being raised in that kind of place Chip learned the art of crafting, fishing and hunting.

The destiny of Chip brought him to Hailstone, Alaska in 1988 and he decided to stay there permanently in a small city called Noorvik. This decision was totally unplanned by Hailstone but definitely planned by his destiny. At that time Noorvik city had roughly 700 people living in it.

At that time he was just 19 years old.


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God has his own ways to bring two souls together if they are meant to be. This happened with Chip and Agnes too. After spending some years in Noorvik, Chip Hailstone met a fellow hunter Agnes. After being close friends they became lovers and ultimately got married.

The exact date of their marriage is not known publically but people have made calculated assumptions and guesses that the couple got married in the mid-1990s.

Before marrying or meeting Chip, Agnes had a relationship with an unknown guy and they had two children. She is also three years younger than Chip Hailstone as Agnes was born in 1972.

Chip and Agnes share five children together and they are all girls. Their names are Qutan, Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Caroline and Mary.

The daughters play a prominent part in the family and its survival lifestyle. They also went to school for education. Iriqtaq also has a kid that makes Chip and Agnes grandparents.

The two children that Agnes has from her previous relationship are boys named Jon and Douglas. They both are happily married and have kids. Name of the wife of Douglas is Gloria Iyatunguk whom he married in the 1980s. Together they have five beautiful children.

Creative Part of Hailstone Family

Chip Hailstone and Agnes Hailstone

Mainly the Hailstone family lives near the river called Kobuk situated in Noorvik. As the wildlife of Alaska has so much to offer but on different areas, so they move seasonally to other places to get the best out of the wild.

For food, they rely on hunting. And for other required things they depend on their creativity with non-edible things found in the wild. The family use their artistic skills and craft beautiful looking items that they trade for required items. It all happens by the barter system instead of real money.

Why Chip Hailstone is in Jail? How Did He End Up There?

The story that made Chip Hailstone go to Correctional department goes like this. He claimed that a Trooper named Christopher Bitz physically assaulted Tinmiaq, his then 17 years old daughter.

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It happened when Tinmiaq raised her hand toward the officer while talking to him. And he forcefully grabbed her hand and put the daughter of Chip in a submissive position. Chip got scared from the actions of the officer and reported this incident to the police. According to Hailstone family, they had to live in fear because of the actions of the officers.

Later on, Chip Hailstone found guilty of two counts of perjury and providing false information to the police officers. Reportedly this happened in the year 2011.

Hailstone had to serve three years of probation as this was the order of the court. He appealed this for several years but ultimately lost and had to face his conviction. He was put in the Anchorage Correctional Complex in the first quarter of 2018.

However, whatever happened according to Chip was denied by another Trooper, Gordon Young in his statement. And that is why he had to go to jail. Several show fans showed their disappointment online on this matter.

However, the show still goes on and Hailstone family comes on air without the leader of their family.

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