Claire Abbott: Wiki, Bio, Know Where The Model/Singer Has Gone

Claire Abbott Singer

Claire Abbott is a beautiful girl that rose to fame on online because of her beautiful looks, short poetry and singing talent. The young beauty was also spotted once with Dan Bilzerian.

Birth of Claire happened on January 22, 1998, in Canada. You will not find much information about her childhood and upbringing online. It is heard that she finished her High School successfully.

The girl had an interest in sports activities and events in school and also performed as a cheerleader.

Claire Abbott: Talents, Instagram and YouTube

Claire Abbott Singer

She started writing poems in early age and carried her passion into her adulthood.

Claire Abbott liked to sing and play short guitar in a beautiful rhythmic way. Her internet career was started with her variant of Adele’s ‘Turning Tables’ song. That happened in the year 2012.

Audience response was quick, there was nothing to dislike about the girl. She had the beautiful looks, singing talent, guitar playing talent and a lovely voice.

But you won’t find any latest update of the girl online.

That’s because Claire hasn’t posted anything on her Instagram account, even more, her Instagram account is closed now.

One of her fake account on Instagram has more than 65,000 followers. On that account, a link is given to her YouTube channel and Snapchat account.

Her YouTube account has 16,321 subscribers at the time of writing this article. But all of her videos on YouTube are set to private now, why? Well, we’ll know that later in this post.

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Claire Abbott Hot and Beautiful With Praise Worthy Talent

Claire is no less than an angel. Her smile is utterly charming; she has the best figure any girl could have, beautiful golden hairs like a princess and a gorgeous face.

Just have a look at her below image, and you’ll definitely agree with me for the above statement.


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Talking about the talent, videos on her YouTube channel are private. But some people have re-uploaded her videos. Here’s one below in which she is singing Skinny Love song and playing the short guitar.

After watching the video, I must say that Miss Claire Abbott is hot, beautiful and multitalented.

Accidental Fame of Claire

It is known that when Claire posted her random bikini images on Facebook, they spread like wildfire that even Claire didn’t think of would happen. She didn’t know what to do at that time, so she decided to go with the flow and give people what they wanted.

It was more images of the beautiful Claire Abbott.

After some time, she realized that social media could be a great platform for her career growth. The original goal of Claire was to become a musician, not a model or actress. So, she started her YouTube channel and later on Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Because of her talent and beauty, her posts were being shared across various social networks. At that time a star was rising on social media. All the re-shares and likes helped Claire Abbott gain followers on multiple social media channels.

The Helping Side of Claire Abbott

According to TravelFuntu.com, Claire gained over 300,000 followers on Instagram quite quickly. She wanted to grow as a musician and saw a bright side of being helpful to the communities she joined.

So, along with her images, she uses to post advice for other social media celebrities, that how they can grow their presence online. She saw tremendous opportunities online and was receiving several promotional offers from various companies.

Claire embraced her quick growth and provided more and more content to the audience. In the result, people were creating fan accounts by the name of the star and several people even created subreddits.

On June 13, 2016, Maxim also wrote an article about Claire.

Where Has She Gone?

It is known that Claire Abbott wanted to grow as a musician. She was not happy with being famous because of her looks, she wanted to be known for her voice and talent.

Several people and publishing houses are assuming she went away from social media to solely focus on her singing career. Her official Instagram and Twitter accounts are closed without any notice. Could the girl herself be behind this? I don’t know for certain.

As a social media and SEO expert, I can say that by staying away from the eyes of the world and social media, she is leaving a lot of money on the table.

With her kind of popularity many Instagram models and actresses these days are earning a nice amount of money and even that on per post basis.

Will she ever come back? If yes, then when?

One thing is sure, whenever Claire Abbott made a return, a lot of people (her fans) are going to be happy.

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