Create Business Ideas: 12 Incredible Ways to Do It

Create Business Ideas

Every thought to create business ideas? Every business starts with an idea. Even the simplest idea can light up the whole world if implemented correctly. Ideas are everywhere ready to be caught and executed. But to get the sense of it, you have to think like an entrepreneur. Once you do that you will find business ideas everywhere around yourself. You can capture them in your brain.

The truth about our brain is, it never stops thinking. It gets a lot of ideas every single day and 99.9% of the time we ignore them. And focusing on every single idea is not a viable option either. Business ideas should offer some sort of solution and much more. Here are some great ways to think of implementable business ideas.

1. Keep a Journal and Your Eyes Open

Interesting things can get a person’s attention quite often. But not for a long time. Especially in today’s world where we see so many things on a daily basis. An average person encounters around 5,000 advertisements every day. Forgetting interesting and even valuable things or ideas is easy. Keep a journal with yourself, so whenever any idea hits your brain, you can write it down immediately. It doesn’t matter if it’s a great or simple idea, which you can decide later on. At that moment just write it down.

You can use the text app on your smartphone as a journal. No need to carry a paper journal around. If you use Apple’s phone and the computer, then I recommend using notes app. Because it can sync with both devices if you use same iCloud id. Otherwise just use Evernote app, It’s quite handy and sync-able on multiple devices.

By keeping your eyes open, I meant that when you are in need of ideas, you need to stay in alert mode all the time. An idea can come to your mind anytime. For example, while having a conversation with someone, driving, walking down the street or eating food, etc.

Stay alerted and whenever any idea hits your brain write it down for analysing later on.

2. Socialise – Meet New People

Go out socialise and meet new people. Indulge in conversations with them on interesting topics. You never know what kind of idea can come out from an intelligent conversation. Suppose you already have a rough business idea, be open about it with others. Don’t think that your thoughts are the best and someone can steal your idea.

Remember, it’s all about execution and not everyone can do it. So just be open about it and start a conversation around your idea with people you meet. You will be surprised at the outcome.

Suppose you are at a gym and with your gym buddies and having a group conversation. Just ask the guys that you are looking for some ideas and you are serious about it. They might share their views or give you some fresh ideas to implement.

3. Find New Ways of Thinking

Ideas will come in your mind on random occasions. But most of them might not be useful. You have to think about different ways of thinking. For example, instead of sitting on a chair, go out for a walk and think. You can also walk a couple of rounds at any area of your home or office. Walking helps us think in a better way. People with great minds were also obsessive walkers. Walking is also known as a creativity booster.

You can think while sitting but sit in a straight posture. Keep your hand on your chin and lips while tapping your lips with one finger slowly. You can also lie down straight, have a pillow under your head and think.

If there is any river or lake in your city, you can go there sit by the river and think about various ideas. Or you can also sit under a big tree. Try going to calm and beautiful places around your city for thinking process.

4. Solve a Problem or Reduce Cost

Most successful businesses around the world either solve a problem or produce utilisable stuff at low cost. When you sit or walk to think about ideas, do this. Ask yourself that in your life till now, which things have bothered you the most. Reflect on all of them, make a list of it. Afterwards, try finding out the solutions to those problems. Forget about quality solutions at this moment. Just write whatever solution comes to your mind. But remember this as it’s essential. Try to find a solution, not an alternative.

After this process, you will have a bunch of business ideas in your hand.

5. Follow Your Interest/Passion

There are thousands of people around the world who have turned their passion or interest into a successful business. You can do that too, if you are passionate about something, then you already have half of the ability which requires dominating that industry. A passionate person can provide better services or product in the area of interest.

Think about business ideas in the industry related to your interest or passion. If you haven’t figured out your passion yet, then I recommend watching this video.

6. Go Travel, It Helps

Take a break from same everyday life, pack your bags and go travel. I recommend going to a calm place and green place like hills. When I was writing my book 71 Quotes For a Good Life – Explained, I went to a hill station (McLeodganj) for a couple of days. It’s 200 kilometres away from my city, and I spent ten days there. I use to sat under the waterfall and wrote almost 45% of the book there.

Natural environment and greenery gave me a lot of inspiration and ideas. Travelling to such places gives a piece of mind and relief. Which is an excellent remedy for a tired or busy brain.

Travelling opens the door of your mind to a plethora of potential business ideas. I would also suggest you choose a tourist place to visit. Where people from various countries come and at such places, people don’t hesitate to talk with others. It’s very easy to make friends with tourists. You can plan to go out with them for lunch or dinner and have quality conversations. And there are high chances of getting quality business ideas from quality conversations.

7. Start With The Family Business And Create Business Ideas

If you have a family business and it’s running successfully, great. Getting involved in it for few days can give you a lot of business ideas. It doesn’t matter if you want to be in your family business or not. Getting involved in it for few days won’t harm you. And you will definitely learn some things about doing business. For few days work in the company’s different areas equally.

For example, work equally in the sections of sales, manufacturing, distribution, etc. If it’s a small business, then work with the central manager or CEO for few days. While working observe everything and ask questions about things that make you curious.

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If your primary family business is not a successful one, then there must be someone in your relatives who is running a successful business. You can contact them and offer them to work in their company for a month for free. And learn a lot of things about business and end up with some fine ideas.

8. Talk to Your Friends to Create Business Ideas

If you have 20 friends, most of them might be having great business ideas with you. You just have to talk to them about it. Do a get together at a restaurant or bar and discuss ideas in the group. Every person has a different experience in their lives, use that to your advantage. You can also tell your friends that you are looking for some ideas to start a particular business.

Most people hesitate to ask, just don’t be that guy, ask it out.

Or you can try the following technique that can also boost creativity. Select a problem or question related to a product. For example, How Snapchat can be better? Write the question on a paper and put it on the table. Let everyone offer their solutions or ideas one by one.

9. Re-invent The Product

If a product doesn’t meet your standards, think about ways to make it better. What can you reduce and what can you add to the product. Similarly, if you are not satisfied with someone’s service, and you can think about how it can be improved, then think about it. Write down the ideas.

You already have the experience of using that product or service. If you don’t like it, then you would know that how it can be improved.

10. Go For a Run or Hop on a Treadmill

I don’t know about most people, but after running for 5-10 minutes, my brain starts running too. I just run and think about solutions to my problems. And guess what, I get a lot of ideas and solutions while running. It just works for me every single time.

11. Follow Your Dreams

Never underestimate the power of following your dreams. If your dream doesn’t scare you or doesn’t seem too big, it’s not good enough to be called a dream. That thing can be a normal goal that you can achieve with minimal efforts.

Real dreams are massive and seem almost impossible to achieve. But you can achieve them, and you just have to follow the path and stop at nothing.

At the end the only person who stands between you and your dreams is you. If you allow yourself to follow your dreams, then you can achieve them. Start by being positive and thinking about the possible ideas to implement related to your dream business. This way you can create business ideas.

12. Go Online to Create Business Ideas

Dive into the massive world of internet and explore websites related to your dream business to create business ideas. Check out their services and products. Do your research and analyse the market around your business to get potential ideas. Google is your best friend, you can search anything, even ideas to do business in life. You will find tons of ideas online.

Keep an eye on Google Trends for more than three weeks. See what’s trending and utilize that information to get ideas. Don’t just see the google trends once in a week. But spend 15-20 minutes every day looking at the trends for minimum three weeks.

After going through some of these processes, you are going to end up with plenty of ideas. Then, time to select the right ones will come. Before spending your precious time and money on an idea, you have to validate it. Remember this, no idea is perfect at the beginning and even a small and straightforward idea can be a big one after furnishing.

Here are some crucial points of successful business ideas.

They should: 

  • Solve Problems
  • Reduce cost of a product
  • Entertain people like never before

Your idea should have a least one of the above qualities.

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