Frank Fritz: Untold Facts About The Antique Collector

Frank Fritz

Frank Fritz started collecting antique items at an early age. The TV star was born on October 11, 1965, in the United States. Previously he used to do the job as a fire inspector but he had interest in something else, so he left that job to pursue his passion. 

Let’s explore some interesting facts about the personality here.

The Upbringing of Frank Fritz as a Christian

Frank Fritz was born into a middle-class family in Davenport, Iowa in the USA. His parents use to take him to the church and the whole family would pray there together. His mother worked as a nanny by taking care of other people’s children. She has the expertise in raising children and did a fine job in raising her own children.

The father of Frank used to work at a dispensary. Fritz also has a sister that is a few years older than him, we don’t know her exact age.

The nationality of Frank Fritz is American and his ethnicity is white.

Frank Made a Bold Decision of Following His Passion

Frank worked as a firefighter for near about 25 years and then suddenly he decided to left his job to pursue his passion of collecting antiques. He started collecting unique and old items by going from one place to other. He also explored areas where different kind of tribes uses to live.

And his activity made his work a slightly different than a modern-day Archeologist. Because of his passion for antiques, Frank Fritz didn’t even join college, rather he pursued his passion.

Frank Started a Company With His Friend Mike Wolfe

At a young age, Frank also used to collect rocks. In high school, he met a guy who has a similar interest in collecting items. His name is Mike Wolfe and he also had an interest in collecting rocks and old beer cans. At the significant age, he collected those items and later on his interest moved to vintage cars and toys.

Frank Fritz - Mike Wolfe

The two friends used to have a lot of fun together. Later on, they decided to open their collaborative business based on their interests. They opened a shop named Antique Archeology in Iowa’s Le Claire. They would clean up and refurbish their collectibles and put them for sale for the public.

Like any other business, running this antique business also require efforts but the duo never find it hard to do their work. Because it’s their passion and over the years they have visited over two hundred cities. In order to find recyclable junk and antiques so that they could refurbish the items and sell them at their shop Antique Archeology.

And till now they have been pretty successful in doing so.

The Work and Passion of Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe, Made Them Famous

In the life of Frank and Mike, the beautiful turning point came in 2010. The duo was called by History Channel to host a show American Pickers.  The reality tv show that started in 2010 got 268 episodes aired till now. The show also has high ratings and has the rating of 7.0/10 on it’s IMDb page.

People and critics loved the documentary, reality-tv show. The format of the show is based on the normal everyday work of Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe. They would literally go anywhere in the USA to find unique and refurbish-able antiques and then bring them to their shop, work on the antiques and put them on sale for the public to buy.

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Because of the show American Pickers, their shop Antique Archeology got immense popularity. Upon the debut of the show, the reports recorded 3.7 million people watching the show. Over the years, the show’s popularity has only increased.

Later on, the Mike Wolfe found a website named KidPickers.com. Where he asks the kids to join other kids who have an interest in collecting vintage items just like he did in his childhood.

Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe have appeared on several tv shows including Pawn StarsAmerican RestorationRachael Ray and many more.

Frank Bares A Lot of Rumors About His Relationship

He likes to keep things about his relationship private. And that would sound crazy but people have assumed several times that he might be gay. Or in a bisexual relationship with his partner.

But none of these things are confirmed, they are just rumors. Frank Fritz has also seen with a lady multiple times but no one knows her name and their relationship with each other. They could be a couple or just good friends, nothing specific is disclosed publically.

The Net Worth of Fritz is Nice

It’s known that he gets the salary of $300,000 per season and that’s a nice amount. He gets it because of the positive ratings of his show. Frank and Mike also earn a significant amount of money from their ventures.

I would say his net worth is around $3-$4 million.

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