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Game of Thrones’ New Teaser ‘Dragonstone’ Hits Online

Game of Thrones

First, the ice consumes the dire wolf and then a dragon. While on the other side of the map the Lannister lion is consumed by the fire.

Yes, a fresh teaser for the eights and final season of Game of Thrones is released. Title of the trailer is Dragonstone.

It’s a small 54 seconds teaser but carries small details that can lead to several theories. Watch the teaser below.

Like I said the teaser carries small details and fans are speculating and taking references and making theories. Here are some of them.

Splash Attack TCG writes: People are like this shows nothing, but if you slow it down and dissect it, it actually reveals a whole lot more than meets the eye. For example: The Lannister Lion getting engulfed in flames.

Bite This writes: The place where ice and fire meet is the neck. If you pause at 0:24 you can clearly see the water come in at both sides. This means the wight walkers will raise the barrowlands and maybe the crypts of winterfell. Thats a lot of bodies.

This teaser confirmed the release month of eights and final season that is April 2019.

What are your thoughts after watching the teaser? Do share in the comments below.

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