How To Get More Energy At Work – 10 Most Effective Ways

How to Get More Energy at Work

In today’s world energy is more valuable than intelligence. Suppose a person is highly intelligent but does not have the energy to do the required work. In that case, his intelligence is just getting wasted. No one wants to be that person; no one should be.

And a less intelligent person with more energy can even outperform a person with high intelligence. Because he/she will utilise the energy to do the right task and make double efforts to achieve the goals and outperform the competition.

Staying energetic is crucial to achieving great heights and success in personal life as well as in business.

Some people take energy drinks or too much amount of caffeine to stay active, but both are unhealthy. Here are the most efficient and natural ways to stay energetic at workplace and in your everyday life. These natural methods do not cause any harm, but only benefits.

#1 Start Your Day With Exercise

You might think that doing a big workout will make your body tired. But it’s the opposite, movements in our body can be a tremendous source of energy that everybody needs to start the day. Morning exercise also improves focus and mental abilities. You will have more energy after the workout, and your mind will handle things in a better way. You will remove obstacles from your daily life easier with an active improved brain and a body filled with energy.

#2 Eat Healthy Breakfast

According to a survey in 2011, 31 million people just in the USA skip breakfast. And most of the people who eat breakfast do not eat a healthy one. Food is a wonderful source of energy, but the right amount of energy comes from the good food. Eating junk food makes a person lazy, instead of providing energy.

Eating breakfast after a night’s sleep is important. But what’s more important is eating healthy breakfast. Click here to know 12 best foods for breakfast that will fill your body with positive energy.

#3 Stay Hydrated

Even small amount of dehydration can cause sleepiness. A person should drink near about 1.8 litres of water daily which keeps the body hydrated. So whenever the fatigue strikes drink a glass or two of water. Staying hydrated is essential for staying energetic.

#4 Take a Nap

Taking a 20-minute nap in the middle of the day will help you stay charged. According to some studies, brief power nap can help revitalise you for the whole day. Some companies have nap rooms in the building for their employees. It’s also a proven technique for boosting creativity.

#5 Take Short Breaks During Work Hours

Sitting in one room in the same environment for several hours can cause laziness. So after 3-4 hours, you can go out for a walk in the street for 5-10 minutes. Or just go on the roof and sit under the sun. You can even go outside to drink coffee, tea or juice.

#6 Take a Humor Break

Laughter is one of the best natural energizers. Take a break to laugh when you feel a little down or bored at work. Simply watch some funny YouTube videos or browse the websites like College Humor and Funny or Die. If you want a quick laugh, then you can read jokes on the web. There’s a site that adds a new joke every day; you can subscribe to their mailing list here.

As you might already know that laughter is also best therapy for anxiety. So the laziness is quite a little thing in front of anxiety. Just go for some humor. And if you remember some jokes you can tell them to your colleagues and have a good laugh together.

#7 Avoid/Resolve Conflict With Anyone at Work Place

99% of times fighting or argument at work place leads to anxiety. And when anxiety hits it sucks all of your energy. Conflicts will make you worry extra about useless things. So always avoid conflict at work place and if you have it with anyone already. Then solve it as soon as possible. That will be better for you, for the person with whom you are having conflict and even better for the work environment.

You should be open, empathetic, and diplomatic in your approach to your colleagues. So that you can make closer bonds that will make your upcoming days easier.

#8 Take a Few Deep Breaths / Meditate

Here are the three basic and natural sources of energy; sleep, food and breath. Sitting in a straight posture and slowly taking near about 25-30 deep breaths can fill you up with energy. Remember to be aware of just breath while breathing; it’s imperative to concentrate on your breath to take the full benefit. This is also one of the processes of meditation. Meditation has several types.

Know more about meditation from the monk Mingyur Rinpoche. I urge you to watch his two parts of videos in which he explains the meditation. Video 1 | Video 2. And in this video, he explains how you can meditate even in one second.

#9 Don’t Strain Your Eyes

You might not even know about this problem, eye strain, but you might be suffering from it. If you look at a screen for more than 4 hours, you will definitely suffer from eye strain. Here are the few symptoms to recognise this problem. Sore, tired, burning or itching eyes, watery eyes, dry eyes, blurred or double vision, increased sensitivity to light and difficulty focusing. If you are experiencing any of these, then you have eye strain.

But fortunately, it’s a thing that can be easily cured. One way to cure it is, paying attention to your body. Sudden eye, neck, or shoulder pain is a warning that eye strain may be coming on. Here are 9 ways to get rid of eye strain.

#10 Little Exercises for More Energy

Like I said before exercise can help in boosting energy in your body. But here I am not talking about some tough exercises that we do in the gym. That apparently generate energy in your body if you start your day with it. But simple exercise that can be done anywhere and also helps in boosting energy throughout the day. Here are two videos for such exercises, this one for men and this one for women.

Extra Useful Information For Naturally Boosting Energy

Above are the ten things I covered for increasing energy but in this section, I will tell you about natural energy boosting food and drinks. There is one juice that you can drink anytime during the day when you feel tired or low on energy. It will give your energy level a super boost that will last long for few hours.

Your juice should include, 2 cucumbers, 1 beetroot, 1 lemon, a small amount of ginger, 2 carrots and half apple. This juice will boost your energy anytime during the day.

Now here are some other foods that you can eat to increase your energy levels.

– Coconut oil can be a great source of energy. Coconut contains medium chained fatty acids which help the body to burn fat for energy. Other oils like canola oil and olive oil have longer chain fats, so your body has to go through 26 steps process to use that for energy. But fats available in coconut oil only require 3 steps process to burn itself for energy.

Adding some coconut oil in a smoothie or cooking food with coconut oil can increase your energy a lot.

– Chia Seeds can also help in boosting your energy. Chia seeds are known as runner’s food. They are an excellent source of protein and have omega 3 fatty acids, and your body can burn these for energy.

You can simply eat chia seeds as a snack by adding some coconut oil and raw honey in it. It’s a great energy boosting food. Even great athletes use this snack during field time for better performance.

– Green leafy vegetables are also an excellent source of protein. Vegetables like spinach and kale are filled with chlorophyll. Chlorophyll helps with acidity and helps to boost energy naturally in the body. Also, they are loaded with magnesium that improves the cellular function and helps in muscle growth.

– Fruits in moderation help increase the energy levels in the body. Remember consuming too many fruits can decrease your energy levels. So you only need to have 2 servings in a day of fresh fruit. You can eat fruits like bananas, papaya, tropical fresh fruit and blueberries for better energy.

Natural Supplements For Energy Boosting

Here are some of the natural supplements for boosting your energy levels. Even if these supplements are natural, I do not recommend taking them unless you feel like absolutely taking them. After trying above things if you still feel you are not getting the amount of energy you need then you can take these natural supplements.

Some of the most efficient natural energy boosting supplements are Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Ginseng and Holy Basil.

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