Gold (2018): What You Can Learned From Akshay Kumar Starrer Movie

Gold Movie

Note: Even If you have not seen the movie, You can read this article without worrying about spoilers. There are none.

I saw Gold yesterday. In the beginning, our India is called British India. Each time the word was being said, I was having the feelings of anger. I can imagine, how difficult it would have been for those people who lived under such circumstances. Sigh!!!

We can learn so many things from the Gold movie and here they are.

1. We Have To Overcome From Damage The British Did

British people broke India in three pieces, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. And till now after so many years of independence, we see religion based fights in our country. We need to overcome it, forget the past and live together without having religious based fights.

We are humans first. And a few years ago a fine young Sikh man once told that in whichever religion you are born, that is the best religion for you. After that one thing came into my mind that we should also respect all other religions. Should not say bad about other religions and neither hear anything bad about our religions in which we are born.

जिस धर्म में आपका जन्म हुआ है, वही आपके लिए सर्वश्रेष्ठ है
उसका सम्मान करो, उसके अनुसार जिओ,
और किसी और धर्म की निंदा कभी मत करो!
– King Panks

2. One Man Can Do Wonders

The character of Mr Tapan Das is played incredibly well by Akshay Ji. He got broken so many times, face many difficulties but he didn’t give up and proved himself to the world. Except for his drinking habit, Tapan Das is a great character that can inspire others too.

3. Never Say We Can, Always Say We Will Do It

Saying that I can do something shows the lack of confidence. You are more likely to get success in life if you believe and say that you will do something. Instead of saying you can do it.

4. Teamwork

Some scenes of Gold will teach the effectiveness of a teamwork. How a coordinating team can overcome even the hardest challenges and be the source of inspiration for millions.

5. Having both Passion and Sense is Essential

Just having passion will not get you far, it can make a person egoistic. Along with that having sense is essential. Only then you can go far in life.

6. Stupid, Selfish and Corrupted People Are Everywhere

This kind of people does not deserve any place in sports and definitely not in team selection department. I am talking about the negative guy who makes Akshay lose his job for a while. These people think about states, instead of thinking about the whole country.

7. Without Knowing the Whole Truth We Shouldn’t React

Near the end of the movie, a scene comes where Tej Singh Randhawa had a misunderstanding and because of that, he gets into the fight.

8. Keep The Person in Knowledge If That Person is Part of Your Plan

The fight of Tej Singh would have never happened if Tapan Das would have told him about their strategy from the beginning.

From the last moment of the movie, I made a quote.

Excel in ur Talent and The World Will Honor You! – King Panks

These are the things that I have learned from this movie. I hope you guys find it useful. If you have not seen the movie, then I request you to go watch it. It’s an incredible film.

Rating – 4.5/5

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