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Guy Who Broke into Taylor Swift’s Home Will Be Jailed

Taylor Swift house

As you guys might remember, earlier this year a guy broke into Taylor Swift. Well, now this person wasn’t having any bad intentions like stealing something or killing anyone.

From what has been revealed it seems like the guy just wanted to have the feeling of living in the same house as Taylor Swift.

As according to TMZ, the guy named Roger Alvarado was arrested in April inside an NYC home owned by Taylor, after climbing a ladder, smashing a window with his hand and climbing in to take a shower before falling asleep in a bed.

See, he just wanted to feel how it feels to live along with Taylor Swift. But the dumb guy didn’t realize in order to do that first he has to win her heart and Taylor has to accept his proposal. After that, they could live together and have all the feelings in the world.

Well, funny thing aside, this guy definitely chose the wrong way of getting a feeling. So, he has been sentenced to 6 months behind bars.

Roger Alvarado pled and found guilty on Friday for one count of attempted burglary and one count of criminal contempt.

He also got the five years probation order that includes completing a mental health treatment program.

I wish the guy had chosen the difficult path, which includes impressing Taylor Swift.

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