Heather Clem: Untold Facts About Bubba The Sponge’s Ex-Wife

Heather Clem and Bubba The Sponge

Heather Clem is an actress, writer, assistant director, and a fitness enthusiastic person. And she is known by all the wrong reasons to the public, mostly. She came into limelight after her sex tape with the WWE star Hulk Hogan leaked online in 2012.

At the time of leakage, almost every news company was talking about her. She and Hulk Hogan were making headlines.

She was born on July 1, 1974, in West Virginia. She attended the University of Arizona and graduated from there.

Let’s know some facts about Heather Clem and her life.

Heather Clem’ Marriage Didn’t Last Long

Her former husband is an American radio personality and a businessman. He goes by the name Bubba the Love Sponge Clem and hosts the show called The Bubba the Love Sponge Show. He was born on April 23, 1966, as Todd Alan Clem.

Heather and Bubba got married in January 2007 at First Baptist Church in St. Petersburg, Florida. Unfortunately, the couple got separated and got a divorce in 2012.

The former couple doesn’t share any child but from a previous relationship, Heather Clem has a daughter. Her name is Julia Champ.


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The Whole Sex Tape Thing of Heather Clem and Hulk Hogan is Just A Sad Story

Hulk Hogan is a close friend of Bubba The Sponge. The sexual encounter between Heather and Hulk happened with the concent of Bubba. He was dating Heather at that time and apparently they were in an open relationship.

Hulk Hogan was going through a tough time in his marriage as he was married to his wife Linda at that time. A time came in the marriage of Hulk and Linda when they were about to split. Hulk went to his friend Bubba to gain some emotional strength but then this f*ckery happened.

Bubba suggested Hulk Hogan hook up with his girlfriend Heather and even she agreed to it. And when this thing actually happened Bubba recorded some part of it. He did this without the knowledge of Hulk and Heather.

Heather Clem

After a few weeks when Bubba showed the explicit video to Heather, she asked him to delete it but he didn’t do it. Now here comes something that I would call a terrible thing anyone can do. Bubba and Heather were having difficulties in their relationship, their divorce was filed and during that period Bubba released the sex tape.

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I mean who else could have done that, the guy recorded the video, only he was having it. Unless he did something stupid like sharing it with someone. Well, this incident got a lot of media attention and Bubba and Heather finally got separated.

This is just sad, Man.

Heather Clem Had Sex Multiple Times With Hulk Hogan And Other People

Now after knowing this, I wonder how can a woman live with or marry such a disturbed person. Bubba The Sponge also says that there’s no bad publicity as long as they write your name correctly. I think that’s just a bad way to think and such people don’t have any kind of morality left in them.

On the demand of Bubba who was Heather’s husband, she slept with numerous guys and everytime so-called Bubba The Sponge liked to make videos of the intimate time.

So, Hulk Hogan wasn’t the only one captured in this. However, because of being famous, he had to face the backlash of people. And Hogan even had to visit the court because of this.

It happened after October 4, 2012, when Gawker website released a short video on their website. Hulk Hogan then sued Nick Denton, the founder of the website, for violating his privacy rights.

Denton believed he was sharing information about him under the First Amendment right that Hulk is a public figure and even his personal life is a matter of public interest.

In court Heather Clem revealed that she met with Hulk four different times and these meetings were on request of her husband.

Moral of The Story

Never be in an open relationship if you want a sustainable healthy relationship that lasts a for a lifetime.

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