With reference to past events, people say that college graduates earn more incomes than high school graduates. But how much more do they actually earn?

Sometimes, it takes several years for a student to pay their education loan after studies. Because their salaries are not good enough. Half of their lives goes into paying the loan bills.

But that is not the case with every student, it totally depends on which education stream they choose to study. Here I am covering the highest paying jobs for college graduates. Most of these careers fall under the STEM category.

Common attributes of these high-earning professionals include leadership and management skills, advanced mathematical, technical, or engineering knowledge, and high-level researching abilities.
While many of the highest paying careers for college graduates allow for entry-level work fresh off of an undergraduate program, some may require graduate or postgraduate education to get your foot in the industry door.

1. Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

Average Salary: $102,300 to $176,300

The brains behind the extraction of oil and gas belong to the Petroleum engineers. They design the methods and equipment used in this process.

In the beginning, they work alongside scientists and specialists to understand the reservoir formations, before beginning research and development of drilling equipment, plans, and other operations.

Inside this engineering, there are different areas at which the engineers can specialize. That includes completions, working on building wells; drilling, determining the safest and most efficient drilling procedures; production, monitoring the production of built wells; and reservoir, determining how much gas or oil can be extracted from a deposit.

Often the work requires engineers to travel to different drilling sites.