Great Danes

10 Hilarious Photos of Danes Posted by People And They are Crazily Large

The average weight of a female Great Dane is 45-59 kg and the male is 54-90 kg. This dog breed is one of the favorite dogs in the world, loved by people in many countries.

The average height of the Great Dane is 30 inches from paw to shoulder and you would be surprised to know that a since-deceased Great Dane named Zeus holds the world record for the tallest dog. His height from paw to shoulder was 44 inches.

Despite of being large, these dogs are super cuddly, sweet and huggable dogs. Overallsite has put together ten adorable and funny images of Great Danes shared around the web by people.

#1 The Reaction I Get When I Tell Him To Get off The Chair

Great Danes


#2 My 6-Months-Old Great Dane (Now 90 Lbs) Is Still BFFs With My Cat

Great Danes

by MsMolasses