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Know Why Jack Whitehall Should Not Play A Gay Character

Jack Whitehall

So, the buzz is about Jack Whitehall playing the role of a gay person in a Disney movie. And I believe it’s a totally bad move.

The targeted audience of Disney is children. This kind of movie having a gay character could have a strong impact on their mind that being gay is ok.

Now before you call me homophobic, let me tell you something about myself that why I don’t support gay and LGBTQ community.

My Horrible Childhood

I was molested when I was 4 years old, and because of that, I started masturbating earlier in my life. Around the age of 12, I was being smooched by my uncle while sleeping in the same bed. It happened more than 5 times. I was addicted to kissing.

Around one year later, another uncle had slept with me multiple times over the years. He is 4 years elder than me and he’s also the younger brother of the guy who used to smooch me.
I use to crave the body contact as a child and those moments were filled with lust. I was so young and had no idea what’s wrong and what’s right. But I never got attracted to any man or boy. I always liked and like girls.

These three people ruined my childhood. I hope God punish them for what they have done to me.

These activities in my childhood gave the lust a booster and I have had oral sex with several men over the years. I always regretted having it. Felt guilty afterwards, because these activities were totally driven by lust.

And I was not strong enough to stop doing bisexual activities, which were totally based on lust and crave for a body contact.

But Whenever I had sex with a girl, I felt good and amazing. Never felt guilty about it ever.

Plus even if I see two men kissing, I get the feeling of Yukk.

After trying really hard I have gained control over my lust. I don’t find men attractive, never did. I find women attractive. I am 100% straight.

I don’t know how a man can have romantic feelings for another man. That just seems absurd to me.

I believe gay people are the creation of evil to make God mad. Gays can be the nicest people on earth but being gay makes them sinners.

People and recent studies may say that being gay is 100% natural and all. But that’s total bullshit.

I believe the genes of gay people are created with some medication and there’s some big conspiracy behind having so many gay people in the world.
So my opinion about Jack Whitehall playing a gay character in a Disney’s project? I think it’s absurd and should not happen. Being gay is not natural. Being gay is against nature. We cannot influence kids for this.

The world has seen enough gay things, it’s time to stop this now, please stop it.

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