Lord Shiva, an Alien or Not. Miss Kangana Ranaut, Here’s The Answer

Kangna Ranaut

Recently a beautiful and talented actress of Indian Film Industry had one on one conversation with the Mystic Sadguru. Name of the actress is Kangna Ranaut.

I find spirituality fascinating. And I believe in the words of Sadguru to more than some extent.

In this article, I have replied to some of the Kangna’s questions and also shared my experiences about Lord Shiva.

In this article you’ll find the Kangna’s words in purple color and my answers in blue.

Kangna Says the following:

So, of all the enlightened people that we meet. Like, Krishna or Mohammed or Ram or Christ, Buddha. All the enlightened people who’ve been on this planet there is some sort of mention of their birth or death but when it comes to Shiva, like you say he and I’ve read that he was self-created and I often ask you this question that did he just disappeared into thin air and apparently, something like that happened.

He couldn’t even have biological children with any of the women he was married to also.

Q: There is a theory that Shiva is alien?

The answer to this question is written later in this article.

Everything that humans encounter whether it’s an idea it’s a thought it’s anything that they encounter it’s been transmitted into them through an outer space.

My experience regarding this: Now listen, I get a lot of creative ideas, a lot. No idea is ever perfect that comes to my mind but when I brainstorm on it, it feels like this idea is unbeatable and perfectly implementable.

Being my favourite director Christopher Nolan, made this film Interstellar where they are constantly referring to certain beings as they.

They are communicating they are talking to us, they are doing this, but they never really clarified who they were. Aliens, Gods, who they were and I felt it in like when any creative idea comes to me it has absolutely no intellectual grounds where I can go back and track it down it’s literally like a mail dropped in my head.

My Views on This: Yes, it happens to me too and probably to a lot of other people. I get amazing ideas and most of them come when I am playing my favourite video game, running on a treadmill or working out on Cross-Trainer. Sometimes the ideas come when I am doing the poo poo.

The best ideas that anyone can get is while praying.

My Secret Friend Giving Ideas To Me

I have a secret friend that give me ideas. Everyone has that friend, it’s our heart.

Whenever I ask my heart something, it replies with the most sensible answer to my questions. And sometimes he says things like this: figure it out yourself, you know the answer, you’ll know at the right time.

My Only Experience With Lord Shiva via a Vision

I remember once I was doing the path and chanting Maha Mrityunjay Mantra. My eyes were closed and I saw an amazing vision. It was big Lord Shiva coming out of clouds, his head was towards earth and he was offering his hand to me. Like he must be saying come with me, take my hand.

I would never forget that vision. It was mesmerising.

Q: Is that we are being operated by an external sort of outside beings, is it that?

My Answer: We are not being operated by any other beings on some other planet, the great ideas come to those who do great work, and do not commit sins. Now, what great ideas are there’s a whole different theory behind this.

For now, all I can say is this:: If your Karma is good and intentions are pure, then you’ll get the finest ideas and a great friend that always lives in your heart.

Now the answer to your question, is Lord Shiva an alien?

Answer: No, Lord Shiva is not an alien. But all the aliens and species are part of him. The whole universe is part of Lord Shiva, let alone a single planet.

And in our Vedas, it’s clearly written that we should not compare or see any difference between Lord Shiva, Shri Hari Vishnu or Lord Brahma – The Trinity.
They are all one as Trinity and the whole endless universe is the creation of Trinity.

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