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PewDiePie Raised Over $200,000 For Indian Kids


Felix Kjellberg A.K.A PewDiePie a Swedish YouTuber has raised more than £179,284 for Indian kids. Which in INR is more than 1.6 crores and $200,000. 

It all happened because of the ongoing people made competition between the most subscribed individual YouTuber PewDiePie and an Indian corporation named T-Series. The race is for the crown of the most subscribed channel on YouTube.

In this race, PewDiePie is leading with over 400,000 subscribers at the time of writing this post.

Felix decided to raise funds for Cry (a non-profit organization in India) after some of his fans were spreading hate towards India in the comments section of several videos.

All of the fans of PewDiePie including myself knows that Felix doesn’t like to spread hate towards any country or race. So in order to turn the negativity in the positivity, Felix decided to raise funds that are going to help little kids in India that are victims of child labor.

How and Why The Hate Towards India Started?

PewDiePie is the most subscribed YouTuber from the last couple of years. Until T-Series, an Indian music corporation reached near PewDiePie’s subscribers figure that was around 69 million.

Felix then decided to make a diss track in which he said the words, “You India You Lose.” But he meant it in a funny manner. How? Let me explain!

From several months Felix is posting videos on his channel based on the You Laugh You Lose challenge. He has made a series about this challenge including several episodes. In these videos, he sees the memes and avoids laughing.

In one of these videos, he decided to review Indian memes. So he named that video You India You Lose. In the title, he also gave the reference for the challenge by ending the title with YLYL words.

When he made the diss track, he included the words from his video’s title to diss on T-Series. Now, if anyone who doesn’t follow Felix would obviously get offended. But we the fans and his supporters know that he didn’t mean anything in a serious manner.


But some of his followers and supporters started to write abusive words about India in the comments section of YouTube videos. Then in response to that several Indian people were offended they started to write hateful comments directing towards PewDiePie fans.

And Felix noticed this and to put an end to this hate he decided to convert the situation into something positive. So he decided to raise funds for CRY. A non-profit organization that helps the less privileged children in India.

I think Felix here did a great job by raising money for children. That was very generous of him.

Who I Support, Felix (PewDiePie) or T-Series?

As far as charity is concerned, A YouTuber named Samrat Bhai revealed in his recent video that from many years T-Series is feeding homeless and less privileged people for free at Katra (A holy place in North India).

And I know that most of us Indians don’t tell the public when we donate something to charities. Even I have donated money several times for the education of poor children but never told anyone about it.

PewDiePie is an independent creator, and T-Series is a corporation, so there’s no comparison between these two. I would say the bad guy here is YouTube. They should rank individual creators and large corporations separately.

However, PewDiePie showed his generosity and did a nice thing by raising funds for children in India. But if we look at his overall actions combining a few months content, he’s trying to attract Indian audience. And making fun of Indian people, today just because of PewDiePie, several people around the world are criticizing India.

And that is not tolerable. It should stop, so I like Felix’s sense of humor and been watching his videos from the last couple of years. I understand him but this time he has done something really bad just to get attention from India.

So, I will watch his content, I am subscribed to him, but in the race for subscribers, I support T-Series. And if you are an Indian and you support PewDiePie in this just because he made some donation, then you should watch the below posted video.

Don’t get me wrong here, he did a great job by raising funds for CRY, and as an Indian, I thank him a million times for his contribution. But he’s also the reason why thousands of people are abusing India on YouTube. So, there’s that!

What are your thoughts on this? Do let us know in the comments below.

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