Pokimane Thicc: Wiki, Bio, Know The Twitch Girl As She Is

Pokimane Thicc

The gorgeous Pokimane Thicc is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer. The beautiful young lady came into the world on May 14, 1996, in Morocco and was given the name Imane by her parents.

The secret behind her unique beauty is being mixed origin and a girl being of a multiple-race.

She loves Pokémon and that’s where she got her name. She took the Pok and added her name Imane behind. And to be honest it sounds pretty cool.

And because of Pokémon’s popularity, once a person read or hear her name, they will never forget it. It’s very nice for branding and marketing purposes. Smart move young lady!

Pokimane Thicc’ Early Life and Education

According to her mother, she was super sweet and sleepy kind of a baby girl. While Pokimane was in her baby form she slept and ate a lot. That is just cute.

According to her Draw My Life video, she hasn’t changed much, except yelling has been added to those two activities.

Dude, Just because she was sleepy doesn’t mean she wasn’t brave. She tells a story that once her brother (3 years older than Imane) came home crying because some guy was bullying him.

And you won’t believe what happened next. Here’s what it is, she found the guy who bullied her brother and smacked a punch on his face. Now that’s the fine example of courage and bravery, and Pokimane was born with these qualities.

She also didn’t like going to the school. Her family moved to Canada when she was four years old.

There in school, she learned French language and thats why she speaks the language fluently.

When she was in Canada she loved going to school there. Her parents were very helpful in giving tutorial help whenever she needed.

Pokimane Thicc made her parents and herself proud by getting a grade in school. She loves her parents dearly and they love her back more.

Pokimane’ Beautiful Bond With Her Brother

Pokimane Thicc

She had such a nice time with her brother that can be a dream of any brother(Well at least my dream). My sister sucks, never agree with me on anything, just like my mother. Anyhow, Her brother uses to play games on the computer and she would copy him and play the same kind of game that her brother plays.

They have a lot of questing memories together and anytime she got stuck in a video game, her brother would help her out. Mostly she uses to play MMO’s but she also played and enjoyed playing classics like Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon.

She would play those games on Nintendo DS and Game Cube.

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Pokimane Thicc’ Success, Achievements and Her Views

Pokimane has achieved many things, her accounts are verified on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch.

She has 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube, over 2 million followers on Instagram and again over 2 million followers on Twitch.

This ratio shows that she has pretty strong and loyal following, and her fans love the girls.

But in her Draw My Life video she says, “Sometimes its hard to feel proud of myself as a content creator or any other aspect of my life. Because I don’t get weekly grades, that I can show to my parents. It’s almost like no way to measure when I am really doing good enough, But its something that I am learning to manage.”

Here’s a piece of advice of you girl, just be proud of yourself. You have achieved that many people still dream to achieve.

One additional advice to get the feeling of accomplishment, just pray to God and if not weekly then on monthly basis, try donating money or some valuables to the less privileged people. It’ll give you the feeling of pride. 

Just like in the high school you gave cookies to everyone. Now try helping the less privileged ones.

Pokimane Thicc Stayed Away from Bad Company

As the high school years went up, her friends started to do partying and drugs and this was just not the cup of tea for Pokimane, so she maintained her distance from bad company.

This section of your Draw My Life video is truly inspirational for the young generation that falls into the evil traps of drugs and alcohol.

Because of this reason, Pokimane kept herself a little alone during the senior year. She was still friends with people at school but outside of it, she didn’t keep much contact because their hobbies were different. So then she started League of Legends a ton.

New Friends of Pokimane Thicc

She made a lot of friends while playing League of Legends. These people were studying in different high schools.

They would just play LOL on the weekends or any other day after school. One reason behind Pokimane Thicc playing more and more LOL is the strictness of her parents.

Pokimane was not allowed to go out at night. So she ended up playing more and more League of Legends.

This way she made a lot of online friends and they introduced her to the home of legendary streamers Twitch.

Starting The Twitch Channel

After falling in love with watching other players play games on Twitch. She decided to save the money for a custom pc and bought it to start streaming.

Her streaming channel started off slowly but eventually gained popularity over time.

As she was doing this as a hobby, she graduated from High School with 93% average. And after facing many difficulties now she streams full time.

Pokimane is very glad about her position and she is humble too.

Dating Life of Pokimane

Nope, she’s not dating anyone at this time and she likes to keep this stuff private.

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