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Sanju: What We Can Learn From This Amazing Movie


Sanju has received a lot of appreciation from the people of India. But along with that a lot of people criticized the movie and called it a stunt to whitewash Indian Film Industry’s star Sanjay Dutt’s image.

After watching some of the videos on YouTube and trailer of the film, I also believed that this movie is a stunt. But last night when I saw the movie on Netflix, it changed my mind.

The Smile of Anushka Sharma

One YouTuber named FMF criticized the scene when Anushka Sharma smiles after knowing the number of girls Sanjay Dutt has slept with. But I saw the scene differently, she didn’t smile because of the number of girls he has slept with.

She smiled because what the character name God told her in the movie, comes out to be true. She smiled because she knew that Sanjay Dutt is not lying, he’s being brutally honest.

And it’s not ok at all to have the relationships with so many girls.

Sanju Can Help in Leaving An Addiction

Sanjay Dutt has taken so many drugs, but he fought back after realizing the truth. The portrayal of his character can give power, hope, and courage to anyone who is addicted to anything.

That addiction could be of masturbating, watching p*rn or the worst case like Mr. Dutt, a drug addiction.

Drugs, P*rn, Prostitution, Profanity, Duplicacy Are The Work of Evil Forces

I believe the above mention things are the work of evil. It was evil who molested me when I was a child. It was the evil force that took me to prostitute’s place for the first time. It was an evil force that tried to ruin my character.

And also, it was an evil force that gave drugs to Sanjay Dutt at an early stage of his career. They can be stopped if we fight against them. The evil roams in the society in similar bodies like us. We have to recognize and fight with it.

Loved The Song ‘Kar Har Maidaan Fateh’

I loved the song Kar Har Maidaan Fateh by Sukhwinder Singh. It has amazing and motivational lyrics.

Sleeping With Kamli’s GF Was Unethical

It was just not right, and no friend should do this to his/her another friend.

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