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Singer ‘Pete Shelley’ From ‘Buzzcocks’ Dies at 63

Pete Shelley

After inspiring generations of musicians over a five-decade career singer Pete Shelley took his last breaths on Thursday in Estonia.

The cause of death for Shelley was a suspected heart attack. Their band Buzzcocks is best known for the hit, Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve).

According to BBC, the singer was living in Estonia.

A correspondent from BBC named Lizo Mzimba praised the Buzzcocks band by differentiating it from the Sex Pistols. Mzimba said that the band formed in Bolton in 1970s and was more polished and musically influential.

Upon Shelley’s death, Buzzcocks tweeted the following.

It’s with great sadness that we confirm the death of Pete Shelley, one of the UK’s most influential and prolific songwriters and co-founder of the seminal original punk band Buzzcocks.

They also said, “He was held in the highest regard by the music industry and by his fans around the world.” Later on, more detailed statement will be released by the band.

An artist named Peter Hook tweeted the following.

Pete Shelley – a true gent! He helped us so much at the start of our career out of a sheer love for all things punk. Without Pete & the Buzzcocks I would probably still be working at the Docks. RIP mate. X

Their band named Buzzcocks was formed by Shelley and Howard Devoto. When Devoto left, Shelley took over as the lead singer and songwriter. His melodies paired perfectly with their band’s breakneck guitar attack.

Shelley left the Buzzcocks band for few years and after a small controversy, he re-joined the band.

Shelley released his first solo record in 1980 and afterward, he left the band to work as a solo artist in 1981. His second solo album was Homosapien in which he worked extensively with synthesizers and drum machines. He was bisexual and because of the following words in the title track’s lyrics his track was banned by BBC.

“homo superior/ in my interior,”

In the year 1989, Shelley reunited with the band and they released their fourth studio album named Trade Test Transmissions in 1993. Then over the next few decades, Buzzcocks band toured on regular basis and released five more albums.

Their last album was released in 2014, named The Way.

Many more people have expressed their feelings via condolences towards Pete Shelley. Here’s another tweet from Kevin Lyman.

One summer on @VansWarpedTour the @Buzzcocks & @TheCasualties were both on at the same time as the World Cup was on. Both were huge soccer fans and started playing matches together, RIP Pete Shelley.
Great fun times thanks for the memories.

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