Sophie Mudd: Bio, Wiki And Everything to Know About Instagram Star

Sophie Mudd Wiki

Sophie Mudd is an Instagram model and star. The American model gained immense popularity on various social networks because of her stunning looks and beautiful images.

The girl is only 20 years old at the time of writing this article. She was born in the United States on July 27, 1998. Her height is 5 feet and six inches.

Her sun sign is Leo. She posts the gorgeous images of herself on Instagram almost every day.

In the Instagram bio, she has written her name ‘Sophie Rose’. Currently, she has over 1 million followers on the popular image sharing network.

The very first image she posted on there was in November 2013. Over time Sophie Mudd has given auditions to be in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, she would love to be in it. She hasn’t got any big breakthrough in the industry yet. I find her looks similar to Nicola Peltz the girl who played Bradley Martin in Bates Motel show.

The girl got the looks, if she works hard, learn and improve her acting skills and give auditions, we might see her in a movie or tv series.

What Sophie Mudd Likes in Movies and TV Shows

Sophie Mudd Wiki

Her one of the favorite shows is Californication and WestWorld.

Surprisingly, she also has a thing for video games, especially playing games on the old Nintendo DS.

Her most favorite game is an old version of sim city, she uses to play it when she was younger. While being live on Instagram, she told her fans that if someone could find and get her the game, she would pay for it. Because the company doesn’t make that game anymore and she actually misses playing it.

And later on during that live stream, someone actually commented that he has the Sim City for DS and Sophie told the person to DM her, so that she can buy the game.

Her favorite movie is Spirited Away and she loves the show Adventure Time. She doesn’t watch much Anime but she likes Spirited Away.

Sophie’ Favorite Foods

She loves cheesecakes and donuts. It’s her favorite dessert. Especially blueberry donuts. Lasagna and Asian Food also falls in her favorite category.

Sophie Mudd likes plain and simple cheese pizza with a thick crust. She thinks its boring to like a normal pizza but I think it’s fine. It’s ok, Sophie, we like what we like.

Sophie likes to eat a turkey burger, as she doesn’t eat red meat anymore but likes turkey and bacon.

She likes the bagels from Williamsburg Bagels in New York. Because they make rainbow based bagels with cream cheese. That’s why she likes them. But never been there personally.

Regarding using sausages on a burger, She only likes to add ketchup to the burger.

She doesn’t like strawberry. At Starbucks, she likes to have ice blended chai.

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Sophie Mudd’s Connection With Her Audience

Having a large audience is a great thing and to keep up with the audience and her fans Sophie comes live on Instagram regularly.

She loves interacting with her fans and followers and appreciates each and every like.

She answers the DM’s but as she gets a lot, it’s not easy for her to respond to every DM.

Random Things About Sophie and What She Likes

Talking about piercing and tattoos, she has three holes in each ear. She has done graphic designing and still goes to college.

Her boyfriend has a nose piercing and she has never seen him without it.

She would love to visit Japan and Egypt someday.


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Once a guy told Sophie Mudd to call him. She was live on Instagram at that time. Sophie told the guy if you give your phone number now, she would call him or Facetime him right away.

Then a lot of people posed fake phone numbers in the comments. But eventually, one guy posted his original number, Sophie called that guy on Facetime while being live.

Dating and Boyfriend of Sophie Mudd

The girl is dating someone but I am not sure who. Because she hasn’t revealed the name of her boyfriend publicly. Previously her name was connected with Conrad Hilton Jr. the son of American hotel tycoon Conrad Hilton. Mr. Hilton is the founder of Hilton Hotels.

Sophie’s Net Worth

The official net worth of Sophie Mudd is not revealed or calculated yet. But some websites says the mode is worth around $250,000.

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