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Sony Pictures Gonna Make Spider-Women Movie With a Female Superhero Lead

Spider Women

Sony Pictures is following the steps of DC, as Wonder Women has a strong and growing female following. The studio is working on an animated Spider-Women film.

Deadline confirmed that the film will be focused on three generations of women with Spidey powers.

Bek Smith is going to pen the script. She has previously written 4 episodes of Zoo tv series. Deadline also speculated that one of the characters will be a breakout character from Spider-Verse named Spider-Gwen.

Producers involved in the movie are Amy Pascal, Avi Arad, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.

Other than this, the studio is moving forward with a Spider-Verse sequel that will continue the story of Miles Morales.

I personally loved the Wonder Woman movie and now picturing a girl in a spidey costume makes a cool picture in mind. It reminds me of a girl that cosplay in spidey costumes. Here’s her picture.


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