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Netflix’s Triple Frontier’ Trailer Hits Online, And It’s Amazing

Triple Frontier Movie

Wow, I am literally amazed by the concept of this movie. And I almost don’t have words to describe my excitement to watch this movie.

The film’s cast includes Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam and Pedro Pascal and they are going to rob the bad guys. It’s just amazing. The cast also has Oscar Isaac and Garrett Hedlund.

These five badasses are going to attempt to rob one of the world’s most violent cartels. The thought of seeing this happen gives the chills to the body.

But here’s the kicker, they are not just normal guys in this film. Together they are a group of former Special Forces operatives who served their country and executed dangerous missions for the better of their country.

The difference between this heist and their previous missions is, they are going to do this for their personal gain. And most of all they are not going to get any support from anybody else. And once they dive in, the world’s most dangerous cartel is going to come after them.

Their lives are never going to be the same.

Now the questions raised here are:

Will they be able to execute this mission with complete loyalty towards each other?

Will there be a betrayal?

Will they stick to the brother’s code or the greed is going to take over?

I guess you and me have to watch the movie to find that out. But the whole scenario of the film makes me pretty excited and pumped, especially the cast and crew behind Triple Frontier.

The Academy Award nominee J.C. Chandor is the director and co-writer behind the film. The other writer is the Oscar winner Mark Boal. The trailer hit the media during an NFL game on Sunday night and also was uploaded a few hours ago on YouTube. And here it is.

The film is hitting selected theaters and Netflix in March 2019.

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